Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coach Shelley

Coach Shelley......yea that sounds strange to me too. I didn't sign up to be the coach for Skyler's team but I offered to help since I was the assit. coach the last two seasons. Now after 3 practices later the coach has been a no-show for 2 of them and get this....this weekend is opening ceremonies, pictures, team has a carnival type fundraiser booth, team also has a silent auction basket, and 1st game and guess who is going to be a no-show again??? You guessed it.... the head coach. So I guess I will be hearing a lot of "coach Shelleys" this weekend.

In coach Cody's defense he is a high school track and football coach so track meets and such come first and I am understanding....that is his paying job after all! I am an over thinker, structure liking, extreme detailed planning person so this has thrown me into overdrive! So keep me in your thoughts Saturday as I attempt to run the game and such by myself. Thanks goodness the team mom is going to help with the fundraiser booth.


Courtney said...

Hey, but at least you get a cute shirt out of this!! :)