Friday, August 7, 2009

I just love these girls!

So I have mentioned Madison's curly hair a few times and here I go again. I tried blowing it straight to see how it looked and I think it made her look older. Or maybe she just looks older because she is getting older and I am in denial. {sigh} But what ever the case, don't tell mamaw because she said I am never allowed to make her hair shhhh. {grin}


Also, I discovered this week that if I put up my black back-drop I should expect Skyler to want to test it out. While getting ready for a photo shoot this week Skyler decided that she would show off her many faces. :o)

And if you are wondering she had some of her lips gloss on. Yup....girls will be girls. :o)


Can you belive that she is almost 7? Not me! She will soon start second grade and I wish time would just stop. Seriously....stop already.


I just love both of these girls!