Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer? What Summer?

It has rained almost this entire summer. I feel as if there hasn't been a summer at all. I hate that the girls have not really been able to enjoy the outdoors very much and now Skyler is about to start kindergarten. Can you believe that? She will be 5 in August. Oh, yea! 5!!! And trust me she is soooo excited about her b-day party and starting school. How funny is this....she wants school supplies for her birthday. We are going to have her party at Yogi Bear Jelly Stone Park in Waller, TX. There are so many things that kids can do there but it is ALL OUTDOORS, so the rain better stop!
Madison is growing by the day. Her and Skyler are "best friends"...well until Skyler tries to keep her from doing something that she is not supposed to do or picks her up to take her some where. Madison is VERY independent and doesn't like Skyler stepping in her way.
The girls are so different and special in their own way. Skyler, has become such a beautiful, sweet, and good little girl who has always had fear of things. Madison is getting so big and turning into such an affectionate baby who has never known the word fear. She would jump off the roof and never think twice. The ironic thing is that Madison has never really hurt herself and Skyler has broken 3 bones, 2 teath almost busted out and has had 3 surgeries even though she is so careful. Oh, and yes we have 2 baby gates ordered for the stairs in the new house. That was the first thing I thought of since we have one MAJOR accident prone daughter and one that isn't scared of a thing and would probably see falling down the stairs as fun...well until she got really hurt. I don't want to take the chance, no more ER visits for me please!!!
As for the house. The walk through went well and we are scheduled to close and move in on Monday the July 30th. We plan on having a get together once we get in and settled. We will let everyone know and hope ya'll can make it.

Monday, July 23, 2007

House Update

Here is a pic of the house from today. There seems to be a lot that still needs to be done but they are optimistic that it will be done soon. We are doing the first walk through this Wednesday the 25th and if all goes well close the end of the month. We are very hopeful!

Here is Madison being silly...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Astros Game

We took a trip to see the Astros. Schuyler and I enjoyed what little game we got to watch since neither one of the girls cared to sit in one spot very long. We ended up heading to the kiddie area to let them blow off steam. By then we were hot and ready to go but it was nice being able to take them to a game. This was Madison's 1st trip.

House update:

We have our first walk through set for this coming Tuesday 7/25 and we HOPE to close on Monday the 30th. We will see since there still seems to be SOOO much to be done. We are VERY ready. I will post some pics of the house tomoorow.