Sunday, September 30, 2007

Painting Project

Oh my gosh...The painting project was a nightmare. Not only is our ceiling high but there are a lot of arches to paint around. I think I am finally done. There may still be some touch ups here and there but for the most part it is done!! YEAH! Notice the smoke detector....I tried my hardest to cut in around it and think I got it good. I got a little paint on it too but hey...what do you expect when you are on the floor using a 20 foot pole?!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Soccer issues

We signed Skyler up for soccer through FFPS and the wonderful dad he is, Schuyler signed up to be a coach. The next night he gets a call from the director of FFPS stating that they need a division 10 district coordinator. So....Schuyler is now the district coordinator for the 5 yr olds in the Woodlands. He has spent the entire weekend calling parents trying to recruit coaches. There aren't many parents willing to volunteer their time and he is a little stressed since games are to start on the 6th!! On top of this he has some good moves going on at work but as any new duties comes a little anxiety. So please keep him in your thoughts.

Crafty Weekend

Well, this weekend Lynn (my mother-n-law) and I went to get the fabric and whatnot's to make the girls Halloween costumes. They are both going to be pretty witches, not scary ones. I hope the costumes turn out as cute as I am expecting. We partially dressed the girls to measure them for the rest of the costumes and I had to take a few pics.

While at Hobby Lobby I saw a cute idea for blankets and I purchased the fleece to make them. I made two of them this weekend. One with a pink back for Skyler and another with a blue back for Madison. There was no sewing involved and didn't take any real talent. I think they turned out really cute. Here is a pic of the pink one and one of the girls watching TV using both of them Sunday morning.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Famous "Redneck"

Not many people know that we ride 4-wheelers a lot and LOVE to go mudding. So many people make fun of us and call us rednecks because of it but we really enjoy it. We go with a large group of people who all enjoy the same thing and it is also very family oriented. (most of the time) There is an event called mud nationals that we went 2 years and there have been some 8000 people at these 4-5 day events. Both years I entered the "Mud Chick" Race and did pretty well. The last year I got 2nd place and that was 8 weeks after giving birth to Madison. Today I decided to search my name on Google and found this link. I was excited to see my name and also there is a picture of me racing...the 9th set of pics down there are 4 girls in a mud bog race and I am the one on the right. Click on the pics to make them bigger. (it is hard to tell it is me, but it is) So I guess this makes me a famous "red neck". :o)
The same year my dad and Schuyler entered a buddy race together and did pretty good. I was stuck in the camper with Madison so I was not able to watch or take pictures but from what I heard they had a blast. We hope to get to go back next year.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Having fun in the back yard

Here are the girls a little messy but enjoying themselves in the back yard.

Painting Adventure

Schuyler and I started on painting the living room and entry this last weekend and it is a nightmare. I love the color but the walls are so high that it is very hard to reach the top. We still do not know how we are going to cut in around the smoke detector that is like 20ft up. Here are some pics from the beginning stages of painting. I will post the final pics when we are done. If we ever finish this monster of a painting project.