Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OMGosh....where have we gone?

We are still here and still trucking along as a busy little family.  This summer has been a very busy Summer thus far (at least for this busy momma).  Whew!  I promise, promise to post pics and real catch up posts soon.  For now, I am working full time, doing my photography what feels like full time and planning a weekend get-away to Galveston and then a 6 days girls trip for me, the girls and my mom to.....(wait for it).....(wait for it).....San Diego, California.  WAHOO...the girls and I are super excited about this one.

Traveling out of state (Texas) is a big event for our family and not only are we traveling out of state but this time we are flying.  Yep.....the girls can't wait to fly since they have never flown (that they can remember anyway).  My mom travels a lot for work and is always calling me from her road trip telling me how beautiful the place was and how she wished we were there to see it.  So....this time she tells me that she is planning a trip to California and I jumped on the waggon.  It was a hard choice and decision because we are trying to save money for out Disney World Trip next Summer but between her work paying for the hotel and rental car and us pulling together some flight points, and me putting myself on a strict budget while there....we are making it work.  YAHOO...a girls trip to Cali in early we come.  :o)