Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heavy Heart

Yesterday I went for jury duty and was a little excited to go. I have never been part of jury duty selections or served as a juror but I was open to the idea and wanted to experience it. Well, not so lucky me... we were told by the lawyers that we were there for one of the hardest kind of cases. Aggravated Sexual Assault on a 6 yr old girl. (the same age as Skyler)

I was quickly not so happy to be there....There were 72 of us in the room for questioning during the jury selection process and they were asking TOUGH questions that were making a lot of people cry and even stand up and say that they had heard enough and needed to be excused. The attorneys said that the little girl will take the stand and talk about these grown up issues during the trial. I was so glad that I was not picked as I wasn't sure how I would deal with that... Then I thought to myself that I was being selfish because this little girl was forced into this with no choice and she now needs people like jurors to stand up for her and I am sitting her thinking "I can't handle hearing this"??? I am not a very outspoken person when I am in a large crowd but when they were talking about the sentencing if he were found guilty and that we would have to decide that as well. We were told that it is a wide range and that he could get anywhere from probation to 99 years They asked us if we can decided with these ranges....I raised my hand and said... "If he were found guilty there is no way that I could give him probation....no way at all" I wanted to say a lot more but at least I said that.... It is a hard and very sad case!!!

I always hear these stories on the news from time to time but something about being in that room talking to the attorneys with the accused man in the room made it all so very real and in your face. The man looked about mid to late 30's, clean cut and I would even say nice looking had I met him on the street. Not someone that would give you the creeps. He was facing us but never really looked at any of us. Really makes you think. I have talked to Skyler in the past and I plan on it again in the next few days. Its hard because I don't want to scare her but I want her to be aware of the issue.

As I sit here with a heavy heart, all that I can say is....Please pray for this little girl and all of the others who have faced this issue.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

This and That!!!

Skyler got wonderful grades, perfect attendance and great conduct this last 9 weeks so we rewarded her with a trip to the skating rink with her friend Allyson. At my parent teacher conference the teacher said she is actually doing so well that she is reading and doing math at a second grade level. She even knows more words "by sight" than they have covered in class. The teacher said Skyler amazes her with her memorization...she said thinks she has a photographic memory. Pretty soon she is going to be smarter than me. :o)

I skated for almost 5 hours and my legs hurt SOOOO bad that night! But all that mattered was that Skyler had a good time...it was well deserved. We love you Skyler and are so proud of you. Keep it up babe.

Doing the limbo

My mother-n-law is making the girls costumes again this year. They are going to be a ladybug and bumble bee. The costumes are looking great...thanks Lynn for all of your help. You are "The Best costume maker" I know. :o)

Me, Daddy and Madison made a trip to the Renaissance Festival and had a good time. I have been many times in my life but it never seems to get old....some of the people get more creepy but its still fun none the less.
Madison and I rode the elephant...I was scared and it stunk but Madison LOVED IT....she talked about it for days after that.

Daddy and Madison next to "a scary man" and Madison was clawing her way off daddy's shoulders wanting to get far far away! So funny.

Fall-Ball 2008

Its that time again...softball season!!! :o)

We signed Skyler up for T-ball again this season because we didn't feel that she was ready to move to 8 and under. But we got a call from the league saying that they didn't have enough kids sign up for t-ball and they feel she will be fine and want to move her up to 8U. So here we are playing with the big girls. She has had a few games and is doing much better than I expected. Man I miss this game....but I am on the field as much as possible. I help the coach every game and practice that I can...I guess you can say that I am the assistant coach. I coach one of the bases when we bat and stand on the field during the game helping and teaching the girls on what they need to do next play. (you can do that at this age) The coach told Schuyler that I should have been a coach but that is a huge commitment and I can't with Madison being so young. So for now I am enjoying the game through Skyler and helping and teaching when I can.
There are a lot of differences with 8U vs. t-ball.

1. A much larger field.
2. Only coach picth, in T-ball they got the T after 3 strikes....now it's 3 strikes and you are out.
3. Real positions to learn including catcher with the gear and all. Skyler was catcher her second game and did pretty well, although I don't want her doing it again for a while.... way to close to the bat....my camera was not available for pictures. :o(
4. They can lead off of the bases now when running bases.
5. Actually throwing the ball to the team mate at each base instead of trying to field the ball and outrun the runner and beat them to the base.
6. Throwing the ball leads to wild throws and learning to back up eachother. :o)
6. Cheers...the girls know all of the cheers. :o)
This season is less formal...hence the uniforms.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

2nd annual trip on the Polar Express!!!

We have booked our Polar Express train ride for this year and are going in December. Both girls get to bring a friend this year and they are sooooo very excited! Skyler even squealed when I said her friend Allyson is going. Taking 4 kids on a trip like this will probably help make our decision on having another child or not. :o) It was so neat last year and I think we are going to make it an annual trip until the girls outgrow it. If you are interested in looking up for info. here is the link. http://www.texasstaterr.com/polarexpress.php

Here are our pictures from last year. http://kutinafamily.blogspot.com/search?q=polar+express

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random pictures and updates

Do you see the curls on this little girl? I have been trying so hard to make them go away and they just won't! I slick down her hair with water and when I turn around and it is dry this is what it looks like. Poor thing she has my curly hair...Sorry daddy.

Skyler not wanting to smile but doing it to amuse me. :o)

Madison...I wonder what she was thinking???

Striking a pose!!!

Madison and her new friend Savanna that she calls her "Vanna"...they are the same age but Madison is a bit tall for her age.

The girls playing in the back yard with some friends.

A trip to the park.
Skyler had just played in the sprinkler and she was getting warm in the sun.

My mom feeding her grandchildren...Brandon and Brianna.
Madison making her "monkey face" :o)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have to note some funny things that Madison is saying now days....

While in my closet yesterday she was hiding behind the clothes and said "mommy, come here I need to tell you a secret" so I went to hear what she had to say and she whispered in my ear "secret, secret, secret" I cracked up laughing. Silly girl.

When daddy tells her not to do something she tell on him to me like I am going to punish him or something. She says "mommy, daddy's bossing me" She does this all the time. I always back him up and we always explain to her that all grown ups are the boss including daddy and she just doesn't get it. Hopefully someday she will understand.

Yesterday she was "busy" playing on the playscape and Skyler came in and said "mommy Madison stinks" (she is wearing panties) I asked Madison "did you potty in your panties?" she said "no, I pooped in my panties" Ha...I guess when I remind her not to potty in her panties I have to say not to poop or pee in her panties. Gross! I know! :o)

She is talking so much better now days and is growing up so fast. Why can't they stay babies forever?