Sunday, October 5, 2008


I have to note some funny things that Madison is saying now days....

While in my closet yesterday she was hiding behind the clothes and said "mommy, come here I need to tell you a secret" so I went to hear what she had to say and she whispered in my ear "secret, secret, secret" I cracked up laughing. Silly girl.

When daddy tells her not to do something she tell on him to me like I am going to punish him or something. She says "mommy, daddy's bossing me" She does this all the time. I always back him up and we always explain to her that all grown ups are the boss including daddy and she just doesn't get it. Hopefully someday she will understand.

Yesterday she was "busy" playing on the playscape and Skyler came in and said "mommy Madison stinks" (she is wearing panties) I asked Madison "did you potty in your panties?" she said "no, I pooped in my panties" Ha...I guess when I remind her not to potty in her panties I have to say not to poop or pee in her panties. Gross! I know! :o)

She is talking so much better now days and is growing up so fast. Why can't they stay babies forever?


Courtney said...

In response to your last guys just need to have more!! :) I've told Kyle already that I'm not sure I'm ready for Kaitlin to be my last baby! But we'll wait a LOT longer this time around, if we have another one!

The Rodee Family said...

What a fun age! I bet there is a lot of laughing at your house right now! Too cute!