Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random pictures and updates

Do you see the curls on this little girl? I have been trying so hard to make them go away and they just won't! I slick down her hair with water and when I turn around and it is dry this is what it looks like. Poor thing she has my curly hair...Sorry daddy.

Skyler not wanting to smile but doing it to amuse me. :o)

Madison...I wonder what she was thinking???

Striking a pose!!!

Madison and her new friend Savanna that she calls her "Vanna"...they are the same age but Madison is a bit tall for her age.

The girls playing in the back yard with some friends.

A trip to the park.
Skyler had just played in the sprinkler and she was getting warm in the sun.

My mom feeding her grandchildren...Brandon and Brianna.
Madison making her "monkey face" :o)


The Bente Family said...

The girls are sooooo cute. Great Pictures!!!

Courtney said...

Those curls are SO cute!! Don't slick them back, let them out! :) Not many people have beautiful curly hair like that and it looks just precious on Madison! Andrew's hair, on the other hand, has my wave--not curly enough to be cute, and looks like he just woke up all the time! Ha, ha!