Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall-Ball 2008

Its that time again...softball season!!! :o)

We signed Skyler up for T-ball again this season because we didn't feel that she was ready to move to 8 and under. But we got a call from the league saying that they didn't have enough kids sign up for t-ball and they feel she will be fine and want to move her up to 8U. So here we are playing with the big girls. She has had a few games and is doing much better than I expected. Man I miss this game....but I am on the field as much as possible. I help the coach every game and practice that I can...I guess you can say that I am the assistant coach. I coach one of the bases when we bat and stand on the field during the game helping and teaching the girls on what they need to do next play. (you can do that at this age) The coach told Schuyler that I should have been a coach but that is a huge commitment and I can't with Madison being so young. So for now I am enjoying the game through Skyler and helping and teaching when I can.
There are a lot of differences with 8U vs. t-ball.

1. A much larger field.
2. Only coach picth, in T-ball they got the T after 3 it's 3 strikes and you are out.
3. Real positions to learn including catcher with the gear and all. Skyler was catcher her second game and did pretty well, although I don't want her doing it again for a while.... way to close to the camera was not available for pictures. :o(
4. They can lead off of the bases now when running bases.
5. Actually throwing the ball to the team mate at each base instead of trying to field the ball and outrun the runner and beat them to the base.
6. Throwing the ball leads to wild throws and learning to back up eachother. :o)
6. Cheers...the girls know all of the cheers. :o)
This season is less formal...hence the uniforms.