Saturday, April 30, 2011

Date Night

Last night Schuyler and I had a date.  oooooo....a was sooooo nice!  Alone time and we were able to actually talk and not be interrupted with children.  aaaaaaaah....peace.  We went to PF Chang's...hello yummm.  Then we were thinking about going to a local pub to hang out and have a few drinks BUT since we got a lot of visiting time in during dinner and since we are pretty adventurous and spontaneous people we decided to go play gold.  YEP...the two of us bowled the night away.  It was so much fun....Just the two of us.  :o)

Park Bums

Daddy was working on the boat so us girls packed up and went to a local pretty big park.  We took our bikes, snacks and drinks and made a good half day out of it.  It was nice for just me and the girls to get out and play on our own.  Madison loved spinning me on this thing that...well....not anything that I am used to seeing on a playground from when I was a kid....that can only be described as a torture devise from playground hell.  :o)  She spun and and spun me until I was laughing and crying and about to throw up all at the same time.  I was begging her to stop.  AWWW...I love that girl and her spunk for life.  :o)


Friday, April 29, 2011

Trip to Herman Park

While I was on an engagement shoot at Herman Park Schuyler and the girls tagged along and enjoyed a nice train ride and after my shoot the 5 of us treated ourselves to, a first for the girls, dinner at Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Houston.  The girls loved seeing a little bit of downtown while we waited for our car from valet.  Here is one of my favorite photos ever, I snapped it as Schuyler and the girls were going by on the train.  He is such a good daddy!!!!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Non Traditional Easter

We opted for a very non traditional Easter this year.  While everyone was getting fancy'd up and heading to church and relatives houses....we packed up with mamaw and papaw and headed to the beach.  The beach was covered in seaweed (welcome to Galveston) and the wind was crazy insane...but we had a great little get away.  Might even opt for a non traditional Easter for now on.  I don't know...we will see.  :o)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rush Soccer Spring 2011

Soccer is a passion of Skyler and this year we decided to enroll her in Rush Soccer. Rush soccer is a little more advanced than the league she was in before and and a lot more aggressive.  She really has learned a lot this seasson and starting to show some good improvement  We look forward to many more Rush Soccer seasons with out little soccer player.  :o)

A few pics from the team party.  Skyler's Coach Jason was a great aggressive coach for Skyler to have as her first coach in Rush soccer.  He really pushed her when she needed it.

Easter is coming and we are getting ready


Are you ready?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

BUSY BUSY BUSY little photographer here

I have been one very busy photographer.  Between weddings, shoots, work, husband, children, family, friends, sports, school, housework....etc.  I am stretched beyond control!  I am exhausted...but so very happy to be busy.  :o)  The wedding portion of Kutina Photography is really taking off and mommy likes!  :o)   and/or

See this crumpled mess on the floor.  YEP...that is me!  I love my job!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Say hello to some of the most adorable little feet you have ever seen. :o)

OK....maybe we all feel that way about our children's feet...BUT...I had to share this photo of my kids feet.  I can pick it apart and find tons wrong with it and it was from a few months ago....BUT...."thems my babies" and I LOVE THEM, so I think they are the most adorable feet ever!   :o)


Monday, April 11, 2011

Sick of Sickness

Skyler and Schuyler had the stomach bug, then Madison had the stomach bug, then Hayden got a cold that turned into an ear infection and sinus my mom has had some stomach issues and is in the hospital and hoping she doesn't have to have surgery.  :o(

When I was home with Madison one day and was doing laundry in the bedroom this is what I came out to find....
What is it?  Well, when I pulled back the blanket this is what I found....
A sick feverish little girl nice and cozy in her fort.

I have no shame in telling the truth

Today has been one of those days.  Well....all weekend has been!  Apparently my kids don't fully understand the meaning of kids should be seen and not heard. No matter if I see my kids or not...I hear them from ever spot in my house. I just can't get away from it tonight. CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!!  (but not too far and for too long or I might miss them)  LOL

A mom....blessed and cursed with this LOVE that we have for our children.  First we want and need a break from them and 5 minutes later we miss them and their laughter.  See what I mean....blessing and a curse.?!  Yep..  I might just be a little crazy today.   :o)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Playdate and visit from cousin Brianna


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Miss Hayden is 10 Months old

Hayden is 10 months old now and this video is a few weeks old but too cute not to share.  (she crawls much better now days)  I love this sweet little girl and her happy squeals and smiles.  Just LOVE HER!  :o)