Thursday, May 27, 2010

Skyler's special days

Skyler and her best friend Hannah went to the Taylor Swift Concert. They had a blast...thank you so much Erica for taking her and for the pictures. :o)
Skyler and some of her friends came up with a dance for the school's talent show. It was too cute and I am so proud of her for getting up there in front of the entire student body, teachers and many parents. Way to go girls. Again...thanks Erica for taking pics while I video taped. :o)
LOL...Erica put a visitor sticker on Hayden and took a funny.

Another new (used) toy for daddy

Call it mid-life crisis or whatever you want but Schuyler has been having the need for speed lately and since he is such a wonderful husband, good father and works hard I decided he deserved it. (it will not take the place of his 4 door family truck its just a day car) Hope you enjoy it babe...but don't come home with tickets. :o)


baby update

This will be the last picture taken of my belly before Hayden is born.
My Progression-2


Daddy got a new grill (which he LOVES) and we have been spending a lot more time enjoying our back yard these days.


(check out this beauty queen smile)
Poor Madison got a wasp stuck up her dress and it stung her 3 times before I was able to get it out. Poor baby screamed like I have never heard her scream and even jumped right out of her shoes.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The time has come

I had originally planned on working as long as Hayden was still snug in my tummy or unless my dr. put me on bed rest but Schuyler has been bugging me for a week or so now to stop before she is born.

The thought of stopping work early on my own accord has been a hard one for me to swallow. You see with Skyler I worked until the day I went into labor, actually going into labor during my lunch break. Yes, calling to boss to announce that even though I just saw him 45 minutes ago when everything was fine and dandy to tell him that I was now in full blown labor and would not be back for 3 months was a bit weird. Then with Madison my dr. put me on bed rest 2 weeks early, then induced a week early. But this time around I am a bit older, have 2 other kiddos at home who getting ready each and every morning to be taken to school and daycare, then taking care of them and the house in the evening while I am this huge and miserable is not what I call fun.

So I think I have finally given in to Schuyler....I decided that this Wednesday (1.5 week before due date) will be my last day at work (unless Hayden has her own plans and come sooner) and will start my maternity leave. Now...before you get all excited....I am so anal about payroll that I have promised work that I would do payroll from home after taking off a full 2 weeks once Hayden is born.

Skyler will be getting out of school for the Summer Thursday so I have to admit that it will be nice to be able to be home for a few days or so with Skyler and Madison before Hayden does come.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

37 Weeks and Full Term

I am officially FULL TERM!! Yahoo....being full term relives a lot of worries because it basically means that if she is born from here on out she should not have the medical problems as a baby born early would. So, it is a happy day and a nice mark to hit.

Today I had an ultrasound where they verified that she is still a girl, that she is head down, that she is measuring about 6 lbs., and looks healthy. Then the visit with the doctor went well too....he checked to see if any progress is being made and low and behold there is some. I am 50% effaced, he can feel the top of her head, but no dilation. So stuff is happening and that was exciting to hear.

This week and next are pretty busy weeks in our family as the end of this school year is next Thursday and between all of the end of year activities, Skyler going to the Taylor Swift Concert and still having soccer practices & games through the 29th....I have decided that Hayden needs to wait until at LEAST the 30th. Then....we are good since our schedule opens up a little more. {grin}

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

End of 2nd grade

So it appears that no matter how much I wish my girls stay little forever...they still grow up. The end of 2nd grade is nearing for Skyler and I must say that this year went by WAY to fast for me. She will end the year off with all A's and 1B and we couldn't be more proud of her. Way to go Skyler we love you!

Last week she had character day at school where they were supposed to dress like a book character and bring the book. She chose Fancy Nancy. While rummaging through her clothing options and piecing stuff together this is what we came up with.....not sure it is Fancy Nancy but I still think she looked pretty cute and cool. :o)



Today was her second grade awards ceremonies which are always fun to watch. I love seeing how all of the kids have grown and changed throughout the years.






Thursday, May 13, 2010

36 Week Update

I am 36 weeks pregnant with baby Hayden and things are going along. I had my weekly appointment today and was told that I have gained 43 lbs so far. I about fell off the table when they said that. 43lbs, really???? I gained like 60 with Skyler (preeclampsia) but still....I had no idea I had gained so much this time. Oh.....Oh well. I guess I'll work it off afterwards. Anywho...Hayden's heartbeat looks good and she is moving as much as she can seeing how she is running out of room in there.

I will officially be "full term" next Thursday the 19th and I have an ultrasound to see her size and such, then a doctor visit where I will be "checked" to see if any progression is being made. We shall see. I am hoping she will come sooner rather than later but who knows what she has planned.

Why is it that most people think of pregnancy lasting 9 months??? If you are due your 40th-42nd weeks of pregnancy...then isn't that longer than 9 months??? I'm just saying.

36 weeks according to babycenter update:
Your baby is still packing on the pounds — at the rate of about an ounce a day. She now weighs almost 6 pounds and is more than 18 1/2 inches long. She's shedding most of the downy covering of hair that covered her body as well as the vernix caseosa, the waxy substance that covered and protected her skin during her nine-month amniotic bath. Your baby swallows both of these substances, along with other secretions, resulting in a blackish mixture, called meconium, will form the contents of her first bowel movement. At the end of this week, your baby will be considered full-term. (Full-term is 37 to 42 weeks; babies born before 37 weeks are pre-term and those born after 42 are post-term.) Most likely she's in a head-down position. But if she isn't, your practitioner may suggest scheduling an "external cephalic version," which is a fancy way of saying she'll try to coax your baby into a head-down position by manipulating her from the outside of your belly.

How your life's changing:
Now that your baby is taking up so much room, you may have trouble eating a normal-size meal. Smaller, more frequent meals are often easier to handle at this point. On the other hand, you may have less heartburn and have an easier time breathing when your baby starts to "drop" down into your pelvis. This process — called lightening — often happens a few weeks before labor if this is your first baby. (If you've given birth before, it probably won't happen before labor starts.) If your baby drops, you may also feel increased pressure in your lower abdomen, which may make walking increasingly uncomfortable, and you'll probably find that you have to pee even more frequently. If your baby is very low, you may feel lots of vaginal pressure and discomfort as well. Some women say it feels as though they're carrying a bowling ball between their legs!You might also notice that your Braxton Hicks contractions are more frequent now. Be sure to review the signs of labor with your practitioner and find out when she wants to hear from you. As a general rule, if you're full-term, your pregnancy is uncomplicated, and your water hasn't broken, she'll probably have you wait to come in until you've been having contractions that last for about a minute each, coming every five minutes for an hour. Of course, you'll want to call right away if you notice a decrease in your baby's activity or think you're leaking amniotic fluid, or if you have any vaginal bleeding, fever, a severe or persistent headache, constant abdominal pain, or vision changes.Even if you're enjoying an uncomplicated pregnancy, it's best to avoid flying (or any travel far from home) during your final month because you can go into labor at any time. In fact, some airlines won't let women on board who are due to deliver within 30 days of the flight.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hayden's Baby Shower

My Bestie Crystal threw me and baby Hayden a wonderful baby shower. It was a true blessing to have my friends and family come to celebrate Hayden's upcoming due date.

This is what the invatations looked like...I changed some info on here for privacy but I think they were pretty cute. :o)
560-2 for blog
I had shirts made for me and the girls. Biggest Sister, Big Sister, Little Sister Inside and a onsie for after Hayden is born that says Little Sister.
My sweet girls showing off their Big Sister Shirts. I just love these little girls. :o)
Hello CAKE! The cake was not onl cute but was sooooo very Yummy!
I wanted the girls to be a part of opening gifts so they wouldn't feel left went great. They were a huge help.
My mom, me and my mother-n-law...2 wonderful ladies beside me!!!
These little girls all played and had a great time during and after the shower.
Thank you Crystal for the wonderful shower....luv ya!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting the Lemons Today

I am getting nothing but lemons today so I guess I will be making lemonade all weekend. :o) Today has been one of "those" days....where life starts smacking you in the face from the moment you wake up. Yup....that's where I am today.

  • I woke up not feeling all that well this morning but still had to roll my big ole' self out of bed.
  • Being pretty big and pregnant and trying to get two little girls ready each and every morning and out the door for school/work on time is getting harder and more frustrating by the day.
  • Lady at the gas station this morning told me that I was rude for talking on my cell phone while walking around the store and in the check out line.
  • Got a few family members upset with me about misc. things.
  • Me being disappointed in some of my family and friends about misc. things.
  • Have to leave work early again because I have no one to get Skyler from school and I feel bad because I have missed so much work lately due to dr. appointments every week.
  • Trying to work through lunch to leave early and the vending machine snacks aren't holding me over very well.
  • My bestie is throwing me a shower tomorrow and guests are now dropping like flies at the last minute, which makes me feel bad for her since I know she has planned on more people. Also, not that I get upset about gifts just would like people to be there to celebrate.
  • Trying to balance being 3 weeks away from due date and...
  • working full time
  • walking up and down stairs all day at work them having to do it at night too
  • being mom to two little needy and dependent girls
  • keeping a somewhat clean house
  • taking the girls to practices and games
  • staying on top of Skyler's homework each night
  • helping Skyler plan her upcoming talent show and character day where she has to wear a costume
  • Planning Mother's Day for both our mom's
  • Getting work caught up from all the missed days and times while at the doctor all while getting new projects thrown on me at the last minute. "Oh can you work on this before you go out?"
  • still needing to pack our hospital bags that I haven't even started
  • needing to finishing preparing for this soon to be here baby

Oh and many more things but I don't care to keep listing them. I am done venting for now. :o)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Raise your hand if you like the ER....NOT ME!

Well, last Sunday evening about 5pm I started feeling a little lethargic and just not well. I couldn't even explain how I was feeling, I just kept saying that I didn't feel well. Then it slowly got by 8pm I started crying because my chest was killing me, my throat felt like someone was strangling me, I was having trouble breathing and I was wheezing pretty bad....oh and I still just felt bad all over. So I took some TUMS thinking it was bad heartburn, then some Tylenol, then I tried to sleep but it was worse when I laid down. By 11pm my chest was hurting something fierce and I called my OB doctor and he basically told me that if I felt bad enough to go to the ER. (I hate the emergency room) So I woke up Schuyler, called my mom to come stay at the house while the girls slept, then we got dressed and were out the door.

When I go to the ER I told them my symptoms and they did my vitals and my blood oxygen levels were real they immediately did an EKG. While in the room doing an EKG she asked me how long I had been wheezing like that and I said for a while. After the EKG came back normal (other than fast heart rate) she listened to my lungs...."honey, your lungs sound real bad, do you have asthma?" to which I responded no. Then I was placed in another room and a doctor came in and after listening to my lungs he ordered a breathing treatment and called my OB. After that treatment my lung were still pretty bad and they ordered another breathing treatment. After the second one I was feeling a lot better. They said my lungs opened up a lot more and then started asking questions.

"Have you had breathing trouble and wheezing like this before?"
Nothing near this bad just a little when I have allergy problems.
"How long have you had that"?
A few years.

Then I was told that I have asthma that has gone undiagnosed this whole time. Fortunately I have not had any major problems before now. But this was a pretty big asthma attack and with all the symptoms I was having I was in the beginning stages of respiratory failure. So, even though I hate emergency rooms I am glad that I did go.

My OB then requested me be taken to labor and delivery to have the baby checked out and make sure she handled the low oxygen and the meds all ok. I was wheeled (yes in a good ole' wheelchair) up to L&D, where I was put in a room, had to put the pretty blue gown on and my belly was hooked up to all the fetal monitors for an hour or so. After seeing that she was doing fine I was released. It was about 3:30am and both myself and Schuyler we so sleepy. But my wonderful husband was there by my side the entire time and never complained, even when we had to pay for the not so small ER co-pay. Oh the joys. :o)

It sure was a scary night but now I feel totally fine and I am back to 100%. Apparently I have asthma and need to find out about seeing an asthma doctor.