Sunday, December 16, 2007

Polar Express

This weekend we rode the Polar Express in Palestine, TX and it was a BLAST! A COLD BLAST! It got down to around 28 degrees and VERY windy! But the train ride was a little warmer and the girls loved it. We sang Christmas carols, had hot chocolate & rice crispy treats, read the Polar Express, Santa and his elves got on and passed out bells to all the kids and took pics, the girls got to wear their PJ's and we even learned a lot about a steam train in the process. It was a lot of fun and here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Before the train ride

The train station
Me and the girls in front of the engine.

Us on the train....Madison not wanting to take a picture

Skyler and Santa

People in our car

Singing Christmas Carols and ringing the "magic bells"

The train

Daddy being funny

Madison showing off her flexibility

Papa and Madison working on the train around the tree.

Skyler in her new snow suit that she calls her waders. She will wear them riding her four-wheeler to stay warm.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Last Game & Tammy's Wedding

Where do I start? Today was a wild and crazy day. I started the day by running to the store to get 2 pair of tights, then home to get ready for soccer, we had the last soccer game of the season at noon, over to the pizza party for the team to get our trophy's, then Skyler and I left daddy and Madison to go get Skyler's hair done for Tammy's wedding. Which might I add turned out very cute. Then home to get mommy and the girls dressed and ready in about 30 minutes. That was the fastest I have ever shaved my legs in my life! :o) Then the four of us headed for the chapel for pictures before the wedding, had the wedding, then more pictures, then the reception and now we are finally home. It is 11:30pm and everyone is in bed and my feet are KILLING ME. But we had a wonderful time. Both of the girls walked down the aisle, even though they were not together and Madison had her binky in her mouth they still looked so cute. The reception was a lot of fun and the girls LOVED the dance floor. There was no getting either one of them off of it and when we finally left they were so worn out they didn't even move or make a sound on the way home. Her are pics of the day, sorry there are so many.
The girls in the goal

Skyler kicking the ball. #7

My sister, her husband and children are in town for the wedding in my nephew Zachary came to the soccer game to watch Skyler play. notice my grandmaw sitting behind them, doesn't she look wonderful for 85 years old? It is not all just looks either she could run circles around me. I just hope I am as active and healthy as she is when I am 85.

Skyler showing off her soccer tattoo

Getting her 1st trophy ever!

Starting to get her hair done

The back of her hair all curly

The front and finished product.

Skyler and Madison before the wedding.

Girls before the wedding.

Skyler at the reception

Madison at the reception

Skyler walking down the aisle, notice she left Madison way back there and that she forgot to drop the flowers, but doesn't she look pretty?

Madison walking down the isle with that binky.

I thought this was cute. This is the groom's face (Mike) as Tammy came in the room.

The wedding party minus Madison

Me and the girls at the reception.

Me, the girls, my grandmaw, my mom, my Aunt Leslie, and my sister-n-law Guen.

Me and Schuyler at the reception.

Cutting a rug to Hanna Montana!!!

Skyler and cousin Zachary shaking booties on the dance floor.

My mom and dad dancing. Something very seldom seen.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Flower Girls

This coming weekend my sister is getting married and both of the girls are going to be flower girls in the wedding. I am a bit nervous on how Madison will do since she is not the most outgoing child and a bit moody like her daddy. Skyler on the other hand is so excited and can't wait. She gets to have her hair done and all of the works. Cross your fingers for us that things go smoothly.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving in Mississippi

I am very grateful for all the special people and things in my life. Also, for how happy and healthy my girls, Schuyler and I are. Being a mom, a wife, taking care of home, having a job, etc. can sometimes be a little stressful but these are the times that I realize how much of a blessing they truly are. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We took our annual trip to Big Creek Mississippi for Thanksgiving to see Schuyler's family and we had a nice time. It was so nice to see everyone and to see how all the families have grown. With all the little ones around this year it sure made the house a lot more fun and lively than in the past years. The family all meets there, at the house on the farm every year. The farm normally produces cotton and this year, for the first time after the cotton was harvested they also grew sweet potatoes that the kids enjoyed picking. As for the car ride...the girls did as best as can be expected on a 10-12 hour car ride. Here are a few pics from the trip.

The car ride there.

2nd Cousins... Cloe almost 3, Skyler 5, Madison almost 2, & Catlin almost 2

Madison, Mathew 13 months, Catlin & Cloe

Skyler & Madison playing in he leaves. Burrrrrr, it was cold.

The girls walking on the long driveway to the house.

The girls standing on what I lovingly call "The Troll Hole". It is down the street from the house and always looks a little scary to me.

Us in front of the fire. (in our cutting down trees clothes)

Schuyler and the girls before rolling down the big hill to pick some sweet potatoes.

Madison picking sweet potatoes.

Skyler & Madison showing off their sweet potatoes.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This weeks pictures

Schuyler's grand-parents came to visit this week. It was a short visit but it was nice that they were able to come visit.

On Sunday I was walking the house looking for Madison because she was being quiet and this is what she was doing.

It may not seem that funny to you but it was to me because I think I walked passed her about 3 times while looking for her. Also, because in her sweet little brain she figured out how to play with toys and not make a mess on the floor. We had just cleaned the playroom and I told her not to get any toys out and mess up the floor because we just cleaned it. So, she get toys and sits on the toy box looking at me like "What? I am not messing up the floor."

We have not been riding in a while and miss it dearly so me and the girls took a ride tonight on my 4-wheeler around the neighborhood. We got some not so nice looks from the neighbors but oh well.