Saturday, December 1, 2007

Last Game & Tammy's Wedding

Where do I start? Today was a wild and crazy day. I started the day by running to the store to get 2 pair of tights, then home to get ready for soccer, we had the last soccer game of the season at noon, over to the pizza party for the team to get our trophy's, then Skyler and I left daddy and Madison to go get Skyler's hair done for Tammy's wedding. Which might I add turned out very cute. Then home to get mommy and the girls dressed and ready in about 30 minutes. That was the fastest I have ever shaved my legs in my life! :o) Then the four of us headed for the chapel for pictures before the wedding, had the wedding, then more pictures, then the reception and now we are finally home. It is 11:30pm and everyone is in bed and my feet are KILLING ME. But we had a wonderful time. Both of the girls walked down the aisle, even though they were not together and Madison had her binky in her mouth they still looked so cute. The reception was a lot of fun and the girls LOVED the dance floor. There was no getting either one of them off of it and when we finally left they were so worn out they didn't even move or make a sound on the way home. Her are pics of the day, sorry there are so many.
The girls in the goal

Skyler kicking the ball. #7

My sister, her husband and children are in town for the wedding in my nephew Zachary came to the soccer game to watch Skyler play. notice my grandmaw sitting behind them, doesn't she look wonderful for 85 years old? It is not all just looks either she could run circles around me. I just hope I am as active and healthy as she is when I am 85.

Skyler showing off her soccer tattoo

Getting her 1st trophy ever!

Starting to get her hair done

The back of her hair all curly

The front and finished product.

Skyler and Madison before the wedding.

Girls before the wedding.

Skyler at the reception

Madison at the reception

Skyler walking down the aisle, notice she left Madison way back there and that she forgot to drop the flowers, but doesn't she look pretty?

Madison walking down the isle with that binky.

I thought this was cute. This is the groom's face (Mike) as Tammy came in the room.

The wedding party minus Madison

Me and the girls at the reception.

Me, the girls, my grandmaw, my mom, my Aunt Leslie, and my sister-n-law Guen.

Me and Schuyler at the reception.

Cutting a rug to Hanna Montana!!!

Skyler and cousin Zachary shaking booties on the dance floor.

My mom and dad dancing. Something very seldom seen.


Courtney said...

Those are great pics! And your grandmother looks GREAT! She hasn't changed at all since I saw her last in High School. The girls look so beautiful in their dresses, too. Looks like it was a fun wedding!

jeanna said...

The pictures are so good,it is good to see your mom and grandma! I can't believe she looks exactly the same as when we were growing up. What a vibrant spirit she has, tell her and your mom I said hi!