Sunday, January 31, 2010

Floored by the number 4!!!

Today I find myself floored by the number 4....age 4 to be exact. Madison turned 4 today and I still can't believe it. She is my baby (as of now) and four sounds so grown up.


This morning started with her coming in our room about 6am and saying, "Momma, wake up....I am four" So we sang Happy Birthday to her while all four of us snuggled in our bed. It was a nice, sweet, relaxing start to our sure to be busy day. :o) Then she was off to play with her best K9 friend.


The party went great other than it being a little cold outside. Even though it was too cold for us grown ups to venture outside for very long, the kids had a blast in the moonwalk. Good times...good times. :o)



The funny part is that later in the day, at her party....papaw told her, "So Madison, now you are four"? To which Madison replied, "No, I was four already...I was four when I woke up today". LOL!!!
(Skyler and her friends....look at all those missing teeth) LOL

Thank you to all who came and enjoyed Madison's fourth birthday with us, you all made it such a special day for her.

But as of now I know that I will be floored by the number 4!!! :o)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's in a friend???

I am pondering over the question, "What's in a friend"?

You see I have been thinking.......most of my friends are true friends and seem to care about me as much as I care about them. But then there are those who because of circumstances we have become "friends" and they don't really seem to have a vested interest in me, my life, or my family. The conversations are always about them, I am always asking how their weekend was, and I truly care and like to be there to listen to their issues/drama, yet they never ask me nor even listen when I do talk about my life.

So now I am asking myself these questions... Why is it this way? Should I stop this one-sided friendship? What's in a friendship?

Shouldn't a friend care to remember or ask about my recent big ultrasound that revealed the baby's sex? Shouldn't they ask how I am feeling? Shouldn't they ask about my family? Shouldn't they come to birthday parties when invited and not only invite themselves to events for the benefits of their kids? Isn't this stuff part of being a true friend?

Now that I have realized that I have this one-sided friendship, should I end it? What would I gain in ending it? Self respect perhaps? I like and enjoy for this person.....I am just not sure they care for me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

As it is today...

As I sit here at my computer, I realized that life is more than I have been able to blog/journal about. So here is some of the daily life happenings and changes that have been going on in the Kutina Family.

Skyler is 7 1/2 and is still as soft hearted and sensitive as can be. She is a sweet little girl who desperately wants her little sister to know that she is in fact the big sister and is in charge. Which always seems to come back to haunt her when Madison doesn't take this so well. :o) She has been making straight A's in school since she started in Kindergarten and even though it seems to be more of a struggle lately she is still doing great. Skyler is a great lover of her Littlest Pets Shops and music....she can listen to a CD and play with her Pet Shops for hours. I know that she is going to be a great help when the baby arrives since she loves helping around the house when asked. Skyler has many friends and one best friend in particular, Hannah. She and Hannah have been in the same class a few years now and even lives in our same neighborhood. They have gotten pretty close and will be going to a much anticipated Taylor Swift concert together in a few months. Even though she is in the goofy looking missing teeth stage, she is still as beautiful as can be.

Madison will turn 4 in a few days and I can't believe where the time has gone. Madison lives in perpetual "happy land" and no matter if she is getting in trouble or just playing around, she is always happy, skipping and carefree. Nothing ever seems to really bother her or take her unhappiness away for very long. Which is great unless you are trying to discipline her for something she has done wrong. :o) Madison goes to a pre-school where she does wonderful work, when they can get her to sit and do class work. I told you, it's always happy, happy play time to Madison. She had us and her teachers fooled into thinking she wasn't retaining or learning much until they did some placement testing a few weeks back. No one expected much from Madison since she is the youngest in the class and will rarely pay attention during class work. After the results were back we were all in shock of how smart she actually is and how much she is actually learning. Her teacher's words, "We didn't expect much from Madison but she blew us away. She tested as one of the smartest kids in this class even though she is the youngest and has the attention span of a younger child." Which is great news, but now I hope the whole attention span thing gets better with age. :o)

Schuyler and I have pretty stable jobs that we enjoy and are enjoying life one day at a time. We are planning a few upcoming small trips/vacations, getting the girls back into sports, the birth of Hayden in early June and Schuyler will be having a vasectomy some time in the next few months. So life is rolling on and we are enjoying its ups and downs each day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drum Roll Please....


We went for our ultrasound today and are thrilled but still in shock. What are the odds of 3 girls in a row??? When the ultrasound tech. announced that it is a girl and started showing us how CLEARLY it was a girl, Schuyler and I both cracked up laughing. We are both very happy about the news, it's just with already having 2 girls I guess we started to assume it would be a boy. Everything looks healthy and on track. Very good strong heart beat, all fingers and toes, and she is moving all over the place. {grin}

So it seems that we will be adding one more wonderful little girl to our bunch and our house will have a few more girly toys and a little more pink and purple. We have infact picked a name...Hayden Lynn. The first name was always going to be Hayden no matter the sex, which is Schuyler's middle name and Lynn is after Schuyler's mom.

Now, the planning, decorating, and praying that she and I stay healthy for the remainder of this pregnancy begin. Next comes daddy getting "fixed" since you can stick a fork in us because we are DONE. LOL

I just got an e-mail from Schuyler...he went to lunch today with some of his co-workers for Chinese food and after eating they all grabbed a fortune cookie and this is what his said...
When I saw that it gave me goose bumps...very strange and ironic. I think he should play those lotto numbers, don't you??? LOL

Friday, January 15, 2010

Belly Pic

Here is the second of my belly photos and you can tell a lot has changed in a few months.
(all over) :o)
5 months with baby # 3 (sex yet to be known)
me 5

Here I was at 3.5 months with baby # 3

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4th tooth lost

Skyler has lost her 4th tooth....two bottom fronts and now two top fronts. She is officially a snuggled tooth kid who actually looks a bit like a vampire. :o) I just hope her new teeth grow in pretty soon and straight, if not, braces here we will come. (some day) She LOVES losing teeth and has pulled all of her teeth out herself, with a little help from dad. I think she mainly likes the tooth fair money. Last night Skyler said "I hope I get $5 from the tooth fairy so I can get a new Pet Shop" then Madison told her, "you already have $5" to which Skyler replied, "That's my college money and I don't want to use my college money on Little Pet Shops"! least she is thinking of her future even though $5 isn't going to get her very far. :o)

(will post picture soon)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby update

Baby Update:
Last week on the 31st I went to the doctor for a check up and it seems the baby is doing fine and the heart beat sounds good. At my next appointment January 21st, we should (if baby cooperates) be able to find out the sex. Then I will know if I need to pull out the girls old bedding and such or if I need to go shopping. Everyone seems to think that the next one will be a boy...everyone other than me....I have NO CLUE what it could be. I have scanned a few boy items in the stores in passing but the thought of blues and footballs etc. feels like such a shock to my system. I guess it will be a bridge I will cross when and if the time comes. :o)
For now I am hoping and praying for a healthy baby. With every pregnancy the unknowns are what get you, the bad/scary thoughts of things not going 100% smoothly during pregnancy and that the baby may not be 100% healthy are all things that us pregnant mom's worry about and fear on almost a daily basis. But for now things seem to be going along very smoothly. I am feeling the baby move more and more each day. The movements are still pretty small and can easily be missed but I am defiantly feeling them. They just feel like a little bit of reassurance that things are going ok.