Tuesday, January 5, 2010

4th tooth lost

Skyler has lost her 4th tooth....two bottom fronts and now two top fronts. She is officially a snuggled tooth kid who actually looks a bit like a vampire. :o) I just hope her new teeth grow in pretty soon and straight, if not, braces here we will come. (some day) She LOVES losing teeth and has pulled all of her teeth out herself, with a little help from dad. I think she mainly likes the tooth fair money. Last night Skyler said "I hope I get $5 from the tooth fairy so I can get a new Pet Shop" then Madison told her, "you already have $5" to which Skyler replied, "That's my college money and I don't want to use my college money on Little Pet Shops"! LOL...at least she is thinking of her future even though $5 isn't going to get her very far. :o)

(will post picture soon)