Thursday, January 21, 2010

Drum Roll Please....


We went for our ultrasound today and are thrilled but still in shock. What are the odds of 3 girls in a row??? When the ultrasound tech. announced that it is a girl and started showing us how CLEARLY it was a girl, Schuyler and I both cracked up laughing. We are both very happy about the news, it's just with already having 2 girls I guess we started to assume it would be a boy. Everything looks healthy and on track. Very good strong heart beat, all fingers and toes, and she is moving all over the place. {grin}

So it seems that we will be adding one more wonderful little girl to our bunch and our house will have a few more girly toys and a little more pink and purple. We have infact picked a name...Hayden Lynn. The first name was always going to be Hayden no matter the sex, which is Schuyler's middle name and Lynn is after Schuyler's mom.

Now, the planning, decorating, and praying that she and I stay healthy for the remainder of this pregnancy begin. Next comes daddy getting "fixed" since you can stick a fork in us because we are DONE. LOL

I just got an e-mail from Schuyler...he went to lunch today with some of his co-workers for Chinese food and after eating they all grabbed a fortune cookie and this is what his said...
When I saw that it gave me goose bumps...very strange and ironic. I think he should play those lotto numbers, don't you??? LOL


lucylucia said...

Play those lotto numbers for sure! I am from a family of 4 girls and it's the best! Congrats!

The Bente Family said...

Congrats!! Wow, what are the odds?? It proves my point, when everyone ask are you having another, I say no, I am not walking around with 3 boys trailing bef=hind me!! Ha!! You are in our prays to stay healthy, and whoa, on his fortune cookie!!!

jeanna said...

Congrats on having another girl, what a blessing, one of my friends has three girls too.

Guen and Shane said...

Congrats little sis. Poor Brandon. He will be the only boy surrounded by 4 girls at our family gtg's.