Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coach Shelley

Coach Shelley......yea that sounds strange to me too. I didn't sign up to be the coach for Skyler's team but I offered to help since I was the assit. coach the last two seasons. Now after 3 practices later the coach has been a no-show for 2 of them and get this....this weekend is opening ceremonies, pictures, team has a carnival type fundraiser booth, team also has a silent auction basket, and 1st game and guess who is going to be a no-show again??? You guessed it.... the head coach. So I guess I will be hearing a lot of "coach Shelleys" this weekend.

In coach Cody's defense he is a high school track and football coach so track meets and such come first and I am understanding....that is his paying job after all! I am an over thinker, structure liking, extreme detailed planning person so this has thrown me into overdrive! So keep me in your thoughts Saturday as I attempt to run the game and such by myself. Thanks goodness the team mom is going to help with the fundraiser booth.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"Muddy Gras"

So some of you may know that there is a little red neck in me that shows her head every now and then. :o) This weekend we went to Muddy Gras in Huntsville and had a great time. They were expecting about 2,500 people and I think there was a lot more than that.

Some random dumb guy
Us decorating our float. We got 1st place!!!
You might be a redneck if this is your truck
Some folks before the costume contest.
from left to right, My dad, random guy, friend of the family

My step-sister and I dressed up for contest.

The three of us went as a team and we got 3rd place.

Hope you all had a HAPPY MARDI GRAS!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~ The Calling ~

Softball has snuck up on us again. Although Skyler seemed a bit rusty, she was pretty excited about her first practice Monday night. Which, I must add.... as the assistant coach this season and the coach being "conveniently" out of town I ran by myself.
We are hoping that this season she starts showing big steps towards being a better player. We are not sure yet if this is her "calling" or not so we will have to wait and see. I know that you guys are all on pins and needles just waiting to find out, right! HA!

If softball is not her "calling" we may look into some other extra curricular activity after this season is over. Like dance, cheerleading, swimming, or....
A tough faced, snazzy dressing mobster....
A crafty Martha Stewart idolizing diva,
or a tooth fairy attracting pretty little girl. (Yes, this is tooth number 2 and she LOVES the thought of the tooth fairy coming)
Wait...... now that I think about it......she does have a calling......Door-to-Door Sales!!! She sold almost an entire box of candy for her fund raiser by going door-to-door selling them by herself. (while I followed in the car) When I was a child I was so extremely shy that there was NO WAY that I would have done that. And on top of being good at it, she didn't get upset when she got a "no" and she was even excited to do it. I was the one begging her to stop so that we could go home. Silly girl!

OK, OK..... so I am not going to encourage her to sell vacuums or anything door-to-door but she has that skill, and maybe we can use it it a better selling stuff for momma! 6 is a good age to start working, right?! HA! ;o)
As I have mentioned before, Madison has had a hard time growing hair so we decided to use some Rogaine and look what happen.....
HA!!!! Its so nice to have a walking comedy show in your own home 24-7!!! :o)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

The girls and I made valentine cards for their friends in their classes. They turned out pretty good. We pasted these pictures to colored card stock paper. A little glue, candy and a lot of glittery fun later we had some pretty neat cards that the girls were so proud of. We put those other "store bought" cards to shame. :o)

Madison LOVES Casey. Here they are sharing hugs and kisses.

Skate-o-riffic reward

A reward for a job well done at school. Another fun filled day at the skating rink! We are so proud of Skyler...not only has she been getting great grades and conduct at school but she also got a special award given by the librarian, "wonderful library manners"!! She has also been really helping me keep her room (including making her bed by herself) and play room clean. I am so blessed to have such a good little girl. Taking a much needed drink break...skating for hours can make a kid THIRSTY!
Madison tried her hand or shall I say feet, at skating. She did as best as can be expected of a 3 year old on skates. :o) She was better on the carpet that the actual rink. She was good at keeping her feet together while I held her between my legs with my hands underher arms and skated. We could go pretty fast that way. Now my back is killing me. :o)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rude at a beautiful wedding

Have you ever watched your children while they were having a good time and inadvertently completely ignore the people around you? Even the ones who were talking directly to you? I find myself doing that often and feel so very rude. But you kids are my blessings and I LOVE to see them when they are happy. Last night we went to my cousin Jesse's wedding and that is what I caught myself doing over and could I be so rude at a wedding?? I was watching Madison have the time of her life as if no one was around or watching her...she danced and danced some more. To have such peace with not a care in the worrying about how you look or what people might be thinking about you must be so wonderful. If only us adults could enjoy that same feeling!!!Jesse and Joel's wedding was beautiful and Jesse was such a gorgeous bride!A little known fact is that I introduced them... I was hoping for a little shout out during the reception, which didn't happen, but they can make it up to me by naming their first born after me. HA! Congratulations Jesse and Joel....I wish you many years of happiness!!!

Weddings, especially sweet and romantic weddings make me think about how happy I am and how much I love my husband. Babe, you may not be perfect but you are perfect for me. I love you more today than ever.

And, I love these girls! :o)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Team Name Needed?!

A few friends and myself are trying to raise the required money to walk the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Houston April 4-5. However, in the mean time we are working on getting a team name. Any advice??? Here are some ideas that we have so far.
The Pink Ribbons
Hike for Healthy Hooters
Breast Buddies
The Jogging Bras
Marching Mammaries
Bosom Buddies
The Pink Mafia
High Heels for Hope
Our Cups Runeth Over
The Rack Pack