Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~ The Calling ~

Softball has snuck up on us again. Although Skyler seemed a bit rusty, she was pretty excited about her first practice Monday night. Which, I must add.... as the assistant coach this season and the coach being "conveniently" out of town I ran by myself.
We are hoping that this season she starts showing big steps towards being a better player. We are not sure yet if this is her "calling" or not so we will have to wait and see. I know that you guys are all on pins and needles just waiting to find out, right! HA!

If softball is not her "calling" we may look into some other extra curricular activity after this season is over. Like dance, cheerleading, swimming, or....
A tough faced, snazzy dressing mobster....
A crafty Martha Stewart idolizing diva,
or a tooth fairy attracting pretty little girl. (Yes, this is tooth number 2 and she LOVES the thought of the tooth fairy coming)
Wait...... now that I think about it......she does have a calling......Door-to-Door Sales!!! She sold almost an entire box of candy for her fund raiser by going door-to-door selling them by herself. (while I followed in the car) When I was a child I was so extremely shy that there was NO WAY that I would have done that. And on top of being good at it, she didn't get upset when she got a "no" and she was even excited to do it. I was the one begging her to stop so that we could go home. Silly girl!

OK, OK..... so I am not going to encourage her to sell vacuums or anything door-to-door but she has that skill, and maybe we can use it it a better selling stuff for momma! 6 is a good age to start working, right?! HA! ;o)
As I have mentioned before, Madison has had a hard time growing hair so we decided to use some Rogaine and look what happen.....
HA!!!! Its so nice to have a walking comedy show in your own home 24-7!!! :o)


The Bente Family said...

Ha!! Cute post!! You have some personality going on in that house!