Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rude at a beautiful wedding

Have you ever watched your children while they were having a good time and inadvertently completely ignore the people around you? Even the ones who were talking directly to you? I find myself doing that often and feel so very rude. But you kids are my blessings and I LOVE to see them when they are happy. Last night we went to my cousin Jesse's wedding and that is what I caught myself doing over and could I be so rude at a wedding?? I was watching Madison have the time of her life as if no one was around or watching her...she danced and danced some more. To have such peace with not a care in the worrying about how you look or what people might be thinking about you must be so wonderful. If only us adults could enjoy that same feeling!!!Jesse and Joel's wedding was beautiful and Jesse was such a gorgeous bride!A little known fact is that I introduced them... I was hoping for a little shout out during the reception, which didn't happen, but they can make it up to me by naming their first born after me. HA! Congratulations Jesse and Joel....I wish you many years of happiness!!!

Weddings, especially sweet and romantic weddings make me think about how happy I am and how much I love my husband. Babe, you may not be perfect but you are perfect for me. I love you more today than ever.

And, I love these girls! :o)


Clint said...

You guys look so cute!

jeanna said...

Your girls are so cute, and you and your husband look so sweet together. God is good to give us husbands who love us and our children!