Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby items are trickling into our house

So it seems that baby items are starting to trickle into our house once again. The nursery is done...that part was super easy since I had saved Madison's old bedding and the same furniture that was Skyler's then Madison's. This furniture has been well used and well loved by 2 little girls and on to the 3rd. :o)

Then this past weekend I hit up a good garage sale and was able to get some much needed clothes (in excellent condition) and a few other baby items that were needed from a super sweet, super accomadating lady who actually let me pre-shop on Friday evening so I didn't have to fight all of those "garage sellers" Saturday. So it seems that this baby girl will not have to come home in her birthday suit. :o)

Monday, March 29, 2010

It's so nice to have family all around

This past Sunday we went to my mom's for a wonderful family day. It's so nice to have family so close and all together. Even my sister Tracy from Florida and her crew are here for a week and it was nice to see them again. {ahem}......it was just nice and joyful.

The boys all shot clays over the back creek - yes it is a little redneck for everyone to bring their shot gun to a family get together and then to LOUDLY shoot clays from the back yard...but hey....we live in Texas and in the country so it comes with the territory right? {grin}


Us girls cooked, cleaned, planned the next weekends crawfish boil party, snacked, chatted, played with our kids/babies and cheered for our men who were feeling pretty manly. Some....I'm not going to point fingers - {grin} - even shot a few shells too. I think they were doing good to shoot and keep their eyes open and not to actually hit that super small flying disc.


Are you seeing this? Madison is riding a pretty big bike (with training wheels) and doing really well. My baby is growing up. {tear}



Skyler and cousin Cheyenne played for hours together. They are about a year apart and are super good friends.

IMG_2945 IMG_2946




Skyler and cousin Zachary (about 6 month age difference)


My sister Tammy and her (totally spoiled by his grandmother) grandson Jacob. :o)





My neice Kalee swinging (2yrs old)




Then we all sat down and enjoyed some nice Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and all of the normal Texas sides that come along. Oh my....it sure was a nice day. :o)

Spring Break 2010

I took a day off and decided to take the girls to the zoo and then the Live Stock Show and Rodeo afterwards with my mom. The girls really enjoyed their day and I was happy to take some time off and spend time with them but....whooo...what was I thinking trying to cram all of that into one day. At the end of that night my poor pregnant body was moving very slow. About 10:30pm I pulled in the garage, slowly walked inside, laid in the bed with my clothes and shoes on, and asked Schuyler to PLEASE go get the girls (who were sleeping) out of the car and put them to bed. I seriously could not have possibly made it up the stairs to do so myself. :o) But, not that the day was all bad...in fact it was great. Enjoy some pictures from our day.

Then the first day back from Spring Break she came home with this little surprise. Great Library Manners!!! Way to go Skyler, we are proud of you!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


So we made the very hard, even tearful decision to find our dog Casey a new home. She has been great with our girls and for our family but for numerous reasons, including an infant that will soon be here - we made the decision.

We spoke to many families and finally decided on one that we hope will work out wonderfully. We took her over there last night and she took to the entire family great. Although it was tough seeing her try to leave with us when we left since she just thought we were there for a visit. The family has agreed to stay in touch with us and will let us know if for any reason she doesn't work out. We would take her back no questions asked. So for now, its as if a piece of our family is missing. Even the girls are sorta at a loss....when tucking Madison in last night she asked if Casey could sleep with her, then reminded herself that Casey wasn't there. Then this morning, Skyler has such a habit of letting Casey out, that she opened the back door and called for Casey before she remembered as well. So yes...this will be an adjustment for all of us. {tear} We love and will miss her.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

How we welcomed in Spring

It started out with Skyler's school program. It was about "A Beautiful World" that we live in. 2nd graders are still so silly, shy, and awkward but it was still cute as can be.


She is so dramatic. :o)


Skyler's friend Hanna came over and they played for hours outside...not wanting to even eat lunch inside. I guess that is what happens when they have been couped up for months indoors. They even tried playing in the sprinkler but quickly learned that the water was very cold. :o)
We took a little trip to Galveston and the beach....eventhough the water was still like ice, the girls had a great time. We walked the Sea Wall, shopped a bit, and played at a local park before finally heading home. We are looking forward to Spring Break next week.