Tuesday, March 9, 2010

6 1/2 Month Belly Photo

So it seems that I am getting bigger. HA - imagine that. Schuyler said last night that he didn't know where I plan on putting the next couple of months since I already look maxed out. I vote for him to carry what's to come of the next couple of months. LOL! Sounds wonderful to me. :o)

Here I was at 3 1/2 months
Here I was at 5 months
me 5
And here I am at 6 1/2

oooo....talk about big. Man....I think I have to agree with Schuyler...I have no idea where the next couple of months are going to go. :o) I have about 12 more weeks until I am due and about 10 more weeks until I am considered "full term"... but who's counting? {grin}

The girls seem to be more and more aware of the fact that there will be a new baby soon, I think the masive tummy maybe a constant reminder. :o) So, they have been making plans on who gets to help with what and to tell you the truth - I do not plan on trying to talk them out of any of it. :o) What new mom doesn't want a little help? And with two older sisters it seems that I will have it. Last week, Skyler said, "Madison, you can feed the baby and stuff but I will have to change the diapers because I am older and they will be too stinky for you". Ummm....hello.....can I get that in writing? hehe.

But with them being more aware it seems the hard questions are coming again. For instance, Madison still thinks that I ate the baby and that is how it got in my tummy.... in her defense that's how stuff gets in her tummy and it makes sense if you think like a 4-yr old. Then Skyler wants to be in the room when I deliver....ummmm....no. She told me "I am older and I know that the baby comes out of your privates, so its ok this time". ummmmm....still no. Not to mention, that it is very creepy to hear my little girl talk about such a grown up issue and who the heck knows how she found out where babies come out of. I know that many moms deliver with their other children in the room but I just can't do that to mine. Ummmm...No, no, no.