Thursday, March 25, 2010


So we made the very hard, even tearful decision to find our dog Casey a new home. She has been great with our girls and for our family but for numerous reasons, including an infant that will soon be here - we made the decision.

We spoke to many families and finally decided on one that we hope will work out wonderfully. We took her over there last night and she took to the entire family great. Although it was tough seeing her try to leave with us when we left since she just thought we were there for a visit. The family has agreed to stay in touch with us and will let us know if for any reason she doesn't work out. We would take her back no questions asked. So for now, its as if a piece of our family is missing. Even the girls are sorta at a loss....when tucking Madison in last night she asked if Casey could sleep with her, then reminded herself that Casey wasn't there. Then this morning, Skyler has such a habit of letting Casey out, that she opened the back door and called for Casey before she remembered as well. So yes...this will be an adjustment for all of us. {tear} We love and will miss her.