Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas & New Year's 2009

The girls each had Christmas parties at school (Madison's being a PJ day) and we decided to go festive with their outfits. I think they looked pretty cute. :o)
And yes, the socks that Skyler is wearing are the socks that I wore last year our last day before Christmas at work.....and again this year. :o) I was told I looked like a pregnant elf.

This Christmas was very peaceful for us...for once it seems.

We started off with a trip to church for the beautiful Christmas Eve service with my mother-n-law and some friends of ours on what was a VERY COLD and WINDY day/evening. After church and running to the car in order to not get frost bite... (ok, so, we live in Texas and 35 degrees with the wind blowing something fierce is pretty darn cold to me) we decided that going out to eat would be better than cooking at home. :o) Ok...ok....I must admit, that was my idea but it was a good one. :o) Then off to home for me to finish up some last minute wrapping, some good books read by grandmother, listening to Christmas music while dancing up a storm, setting out milk and cookies for Santa, throwing out "reindeer food" for Santa's reindeer and then tucking the girls in bed. So it was a good evening.

The next morning Skyler woke up about 2am to tell us that Santa had been there and that there were tons of gifts in the living room. Thank goodness Santa wrapped the gifts this year or I am she would not have gone back to bed like I told her to. Oh but we were all up opening gifts by 6am. Whew...that is early but still doable.

After opening gift and having breakfast we headed over to my mom's house for our family get-together. It was so much fun...especially now that there seem to be more little ones in the house again. After the gift opening fiasco and sending the kids outside to play it looked as though the living room was hit by a Christmas tornado. :o)

After the gift opening we headed outside and got a few photos. Can you see my belly that is starting to show??? I am finally to the stage that I don't just look poochy. :o)
IMG_2120 and my girls!


This next photo shows my girls personalities so well!!!


Their only directions were to "go over there and smile" Skyler goes over and sits in the chair all sweet & pretty while Madison decides to stand next to Skyler giving her best "cool" pose possible. I have a feeling that in the years to come these personalities will show even more. Skyler sweet, sensitive, and lovely...while Madison will be cool, edgy and carefree. Only time will tell. :o)

Madison is really starting to become a daddy's girl and Skyler is starting to become too cool for all of that public effection. lol While a church she will normally hold my hand and such but Christmas Eve we went with another family and the little girl of that family is one of her very best friends. Skyler REFUSED to hold my hand while sitting next to Hannah. {siff, sniff, tear}





I was able to take a few pics of my brother's was pretty cold out and with twin one year old we had a hard time keeping their full attention but I still think we did pretty good.




Cargill Family1



For New years we had a few friends over and we did as many fireworks as we could stand. The cold rain and wind became unbearable after a while.




New Year's day we headed to Livingston to go camping with my parents for a little fun.




Look at how this sweet little girl can go from sweet and innocent looking to......


giving her best dirt look possible. Oh yes this girl has her daddy's dirty looks down pat. :o)


I just love this sweet loving little 7 year old who is losing her baby teeth left and right.


We went down to the lake to try to do some fishing and it was WAY too cold. I snapped this cute little photo while the girls were checking out the lake. Skyler put her arm around Madison to keep her from falling over the railing and I guess Madison returned the favor. :o) I just love the purse action...don't you? {grin}



Over all it was a great Christmas and New Year's and we are looking forward to what 2010 will bring our family.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This and that

In case you did not know...Skyler was one of the top 5 sellers in her school's fundraiser this year. The top 5 were awarded with a limo ride during lunch to a local pizza place for lunch and then back to school. Skyler LOVED her limo ride and as they were getting in the limo all of the other kids in the school were watching out of the windows as they were heading to lunch and ooh'd and aww'd. They were jelous. :o) It was great to see the school reward the kids with something different and something that will stick in their memory bank for a long time.

Madison and I took a small trip to a park with our happy meals the other day. It was cold but she enjoyed "having a picnick" outside. :o) Madison is one of the happiest little girls you'll ever meet....granted she doesn't much sit still very long. LOL! But I sure love her enthusiasim for life.



Since we have not had time to get professional photos taken this year and we wanted something for our family Christmas cards so my mom came over late one evening and took a few photos. None were perfect but some were ok. These will be the last Christmas cards of our family of 4....geesh...a family of 5 sounds pretty scary to me. :o)

Pregnancy update...
Everything seems to be going pretty well so far with the pregnancy. I am about 16.5 weeks along and the tummy is showing a lot faster than the other two. According to the dr. that is all normal when you have had other children. I had some pretty bad headaches and some morning sickness but now it seems that most of that has gone. Oh but that doesn't mean smooth sailing by any means. I now have heart burn on occasion and achy legs from poor curculation to my legs. Oh the joys of pregnancy. :o) On the upside....we could not be more excited about the new baby and finding out next month if we are expecting a boy or a girl. I will be fine either way, the only thing that I am asking for is a healthy baby. It seems like I am starting to feel the baby move...I keep having to ask myself, "was that a twing or a kick"...but I think they are small kicks. The next Dr. visit is Dec. 31st for some bloodwork and normal monthly visit then it looks like the ultrasound will be around Jan. 28th or so.

Christmas is right around the corner and I am not done with shopping but I have faith that it will all come together. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

MckMama Rocks

She is giving away a brand new HP TouchSmart Computer and I would soooo love to have one.

As my girls would say, "if you pick me, I'll be your best friend". :o)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Skyler's Fundraiser and a name

We just got word that Skyler was one of the top sellers at her school's fundraiser therefor she gets to go to lunch this week to Double Dave's Pizza in a LIMO!!! Also, she gets to go to Pump It UP. She is soooo excited! I hope I am able to get over to her school and get a pic of her getting in the limo to go to lunch. Way to go Skyler!!! Also, a big thank you to all who ordered from her....the school and now her truly benef from it! Ya'll are the best!

I think that Schuyler and I have decided on a first name for this baby. Either, a boy or gir, it is going to be the same name now the middle name is where it gets tricky. So when we find outthe sex, we will have to really work on that. :o) By the way.....Schuyler is pretty sure its a boy, I on the other hand can't tell at all. No mother's intuition here. :o)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Moody Garden's Festival of Lights Trip

We went to Moody Garden's to see their festival of lights and had a blast. Skyler and Madison each had a friend and it made everything perfect. :o) Below are the photos.

Skyler and Hannah are best friends!
First we took a trip to the aquirium
Skyler, Jannah, Addilyn, Madison
Daddy getting ready to go into the Christmas IMAX 3-D movie.
Lovin' those 3D glasses. :o)
Then we were off to some ice skating
Then out to see the Christmas lights.
Do you see the kids???