Monday, December 7, 2009

Skyler's Fundraiser and a name

We just got word that Skyler was one of the top sellers at her school's fundraiser therefor she gets to go to lunch this week to Double Dave's Pizza in a LIMO!!! Also, she gets to go to Pump It UP. She is soooo excited! I hope I am able to get over to her school and get a pic of her getting in the limo to go to lunch. Way to go Skyler!!! Also, a big thank you to all who ordered from her....the school and now her truly benef from it! Ya'll are the best!

I think that Schuyler and I have decided on a first name for this baby. Either, a boy or gir, it is going to be the same name now the middle name is where it gets tricky. So when we find outthe sex, we will have to really work on that. :o) By the way.....Schuyler is pretty sure its a boy, I on the other hand can't tell at all. No mother's intuition here. :o)


Jade said...

Honey, I went through that same thing! My husband was sure it was a boy, but it turns out, it was a girl!