Tuesday, November 13, 2007

This weeks pictures

Schuyler's grand-parents came to visit this week. It was a short visit but it was nice that they were able to come visit.

On Sunday I was walking the house looking for Madison because she was being quiet and this is what she was doing.

It may not seem that funny to you but it was to me because I think I walked passed her about 3 times while looking for her. Also, because in her sweet little brain she figured out how to play with toys and not make a mess on the floor. We had just cleaned the playroom and I told her not to get any toys out and mess up the floor because we just cleaned it. So, she get toys and sits on the toy box looking at me like "What? I am not messing up the floor."

We have not been riding in a while and miss it dearly so me and the girls took a ride tonight on my 4-wheeler around the neighborhood. We got some not so nice looks from the neighbors but oh well.


Courtney said...

Wow, I'm impressed with how well Madison follows directions!! If I told Andrew that he'd look at me like, "Are you crazy?!" Maybe (hopefully!) that's just the difference b/w a 16 and 21 month old!

The Bente Family said...

I love the pic of her on the toy box, it is just so sweet. Especially since was technically did as she was told. I love those cute kid moments, they seem to always be a step ahead. ;)