Tuesday, November 6, 2007

General Info....

I just wanted to pass this on as it was passed to me a year ago and my husband and I both were able to gain from. There is a website that you can go to search your name and state and see if there is any "unclaimed property" (money) for you. We both had money on there and were able to claim it and received it in like 5-6 weeks. It is no scam trust me I was cautious and called the state comptroller's office and everything is kept very confidential. It will work...so search your names, search your loved ones, and search your friends because after a certain amount of time the money goes to the state. Happy searching! :o)
www.window.state.tx.us/up/ - For Texas
http://www.unclaimed.org/mainframe.asp?VisitorType=owner -For any state, click find property, then click on the state you wanna search, scroll down and go to that state controller's website and search.