Thursday, November 1, 2007

O.S.M (official soccer mom)

Ok, I have some news that I never thought I would be saying. After thinking about this for about 2 years, with my expedition getting older and horrible gas mileage I finally made the move! I always said I would never, but can you believe it..... I got a Chrysler Town and Country Limited. I love every aspect of it other than it is a "minivan". I am having trouble getting over the hump and admitting that I am the official soccer mom but hey, it is great for the family and gets good gas mileage. I don't understand the cliche' of the van but owning one comes with a big one. So for all the moms that I have snickered at in the past for having a minivan, I am here with my foot in my mouth! So laugh if you want but we love it! It is a WONDERFUL family vehicle and my family is very comfortable in it. Here is a picture.

Here are some random pics that were taken this week as well...

Skyler before School one morning. I thought she looked cute so she posed for some pics.

Daddy and the girls watching TV before bed time

Madison on Skyler's scooter in her jammies. Yes she is finally starting to get SOME hair. I thought we were going to have to invest in some baby rogain! :o)

This picture is one of those once in a lifetime shots. I was sitting on the futon showing the girls the pictures on the camera from Halloween and one of them pushed the button and took a picture. After downloading the pics I saw it....we are all 3 sitting the same. Is that ironic or what!?!?!? Of course I cropped out my not so recently shaved legs but other then that it was not staged. I know that feet are not the prettiest things but I had to share my kodak moment!

Wow, I started the blog with mind blowing news about the minivan and ended it with feet.... I need to go to bed!


Courtney said...

Shelley, you make me laugh! I have/had the same thoughts about the minivan, and then some of my friends have gotten one and they are pretty COOL with all the features they have. And Kyle wants me to get one for my next car...but I'm still like, "WHAT? Me drive a minivan??!!" It takes guts to take the plunge, but like you said, you are alot more comfortable in your minivan than we are in my Jeep! Also, I loved the feet picture! How sweet that your girls are just like their mommmy!

jeanna said...

I am so with you on the minivan thing, but as time has passed, I do realize that one day, I will probably have to get one. Your girls are adorable.

The Rodee Family said...

NO.. not the mini van! haha! I know, they are really nice and great on the gas.. I just can't do it. I just got a new Expedition... the extra long. It's sooo nice and I loved my old Expedition so much that I couldn't part with it. But, Freds company pays for his car, insurance and gas.. so, I figure it all equals out! I'm glad you like it!