Thursday, May 20, 2010

37 Weeks and Full Term

I am officially FULL TERM!! Yahoo....being full term relives a lot of worries because it basically means that if she is born from here on out she should not have the medical problems as a baby born early would. So, it is a happy day and a nice mark to hit.

Today I had an ultrasound where they verified that she is still a girl, that she is head down, that she is measuring about 6 lbs., and looks healthy. Then the visit with the doctor went well too....he checked to see if any progress is being made and low and behold there is some. I am 50% effaced, he can feel the top of her head, but no dilation. So stuff is happening and that was exciting to hear.

This week and next are pretty busy weeks in our family as the end of this school year is next Thursday and between all of the end of year activities, Skyler going to the Taylor Swift Concert and still having soccer practices & games through the 29th....I have decided that Hayden needs to wait until at LEAST the 30th. Then....we are good since our schedule opens up a little more. {grin}


Lissy said...

you have a beautiful family! Loved looking at your blog!

Shelley said...

Thank you Lissy! Check back anytime. :o)