Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting the Lemons Today

I am getting nothing but lemons today so I guess I will be making lemonade all weekend. :o) Today has been one of "those" days....where life starts smacking you in the face from the moment you wake up. Yup....that's where I am today.

  • I woke up not feeling all that well this morning but still had to roll my big ole' self out of bed.
  • Being pretty big and pregnant and trying to get two little girls ready each and every morning and out the door for school/work on time is getting harder and more frustrating by the day.
  • Lady at the gas station this morning told me that I was rude for talking on my cell phone while walking around the store and in the check out line.
  • Got a few family members upset with me about misc. things.
  • Me being disappointed in some of my family and friends about misc. things.
  • Have to leave work early again because I have no one to get Skyler from school and I feel bad because I have missed so much work lately due to dr. appointments every week.
  • Trying to work through lunch to leave early and the vending machine snacks aren't holding me over very well.
  • My bestie is throwing me a shower tomorrow and guests are now dropping like flies at the last minute, which makes me feel bad for her since I know she has planned on more people. Also, not that I get upset about gifts just would like people to be there to celebrate.
  • Trying to balance being 3 weeks away from due date and...
  • working full time
  • walking up and down stairs all day at work them having to do it at night too
  • being mom to two little needy and dependent girls
  • keeping a somewhat clean house
  • taking the girls to practices and games
  • staying on top of Skyler's homework each night
  • helping Skyler plan her upcoming talent show and character day where she has to wear a costume
  • Planning Mother's Day for both our mom's
  • Getting work caught up from all the missed days and times while at the doctor all while getting new projects thrown on me at the last minute. "Oh can you work on this before you go out?"
  • still needing to pack our hospital bags that I haven't even started
  • needing to finishing preparing for this soon to be here baby

Oh and many more things but I don't care to keep listing them. I am done venting for now. :o)


lucylucia said...

Ugh, hang in there! Also, I would tell that lady at the gas station that handing out unsolicited opinions is every bit as rude. And when is talking on the phone rude?! In a movie, during church, at the table, sure - but in a public place whatever!

Shelley said...

I like it! You are soooo right....she gave me such mean looks then said..."Do you know how rude your being"? I said "Excuse me"? and she turned her head and said "All you people talking on your damn cell phones are so rude" I didn't say another was strange. I guess she woke up on the wrong side of the bed. :o)

Jeramy, Terrie, Eli, and Aiden said...

Just take a breath....I feel for you and wish I could help. And ignore that lady at the gas station... she was the one being rude! If you dont have anything nice to say.... keep your @*$% mouth closed!!