Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Famous "Redneck"

Not many people know that we ride 4-wheelers a lot and LOVE to go mudding. So many people make fun of us and call us rednecks because of it but we really enjoy it. We go with a large group of people who all enjoy the same thing and it is also very family oriented. (most of the time) There is an event called mud nationals that we went 2 years and there have been some 8000 people at these 4-5 day events. Both years I entered the "Mud Chick" Race and did pretty well. The last year I got 2nd place and that was 8 weeks after giving birth to Madison. Today I decided to search my name on Google and found this link. I was excited to see my name and also there is a picture of me racing...the 9th set of pics down there are 4 girls in a mud bog race and I am the one on the right. Click on the pics to make them bigger. (it is hard to tell it is me, but it is) So I guess this makes me a famous "red neck". :o)
The same year my dad and Schuyler entered a buddy race together and did pretty good. I was stuck in the camper with Madison so I was not able to watch or take pictures but from what I heard they had a blast. We hope to get to go back next year.


The Rodee Family said...

now that is CRAZY! It looks like a lot of fun.. woohoo!

Courtney said...

Shelley, I had to laugh when I read about you winning a Mud-Chick competition! I cannot see you doing that...and yet, I can b/c you like to have so much fun!! Now, THAT's something to tell your grandchildren about! :)