Friday, June 1, 2007

Broken Nose Again / Memorial Day

Our completely accident prone daughter broke her nose AGAIN! The second time in 6 months. Both times she has had to have surgery to reset it. Scary stuff. She broke her arm a year ago and had to have surgery to reset it as well. All of these surgeries are going to give me gray hair! This time she broke it when at Jelly Stone Park when her friend went down the water slide and Skyler went too soon after her and at the bottom they smacked heads and blood went every where. As soon as I looked at her nose I said "NOT AGAIN". Poor baby!

We went to Matagorda Bay camping for Memorial weekend. We played at the beach, crabbed, and fished. Madison loved the beach, she is our little sand and dirt loving baby. She didn't care much for the water after a wave came up while she was sitting on the beach and knocked her over. After all the warnings about the crabs Skyler must have thought she was invincible and decided to pick up a small sand crab. Lets just say, she won't be picking up any more crabs anytime soon. No boo-boo just a lot of tears. She made us let all the crabs go after that! Here are some pictures.