Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Madison's 19 mo. check up

We took Madison for a 19 mo. check up and she is doing good. About 20% on weight at 21 lbs and 80% on height. So she is tall and lean. She is so sweet but stubborn at the same time. Just like her daddy.

Here are some funny things she is saying that only daddy and I understand...
"kiky" Kitty
"choo choo" Train
"kyer" Skyler
"ou si" Outside
"tatoo" Tractor or a really loud truck that sounds like a tractor
"cu" Cup
"meemee" Binky
"tt" TV
There are a lot of others but we pretty much know what she wants when she points and says "uh uh" I would say that the funniest things she does is when she toots and turns around like "who did that or where did that come from" It is so funny because she looks completely confused.


jeanna said...

When they finally grow out of saying those things is it sad. Karis has already grown out of most of her cute words and sometimes I want her to say it the old way!

The Rodee Family said...

How sweet! It sounds like she is growing just perfectly!