Saturday, October 6, 2007

Skyler's 1st Soccer Game

Today was Skyler's first soccer game and I was amazed! Amazed at how well the kids did after having only one practice, how much team spirit & cooperation there was, how tough they all were, and most of all how much better Skyler did then I expected. She really surprised me! She made a few goals and when it was her turn to be goalie...not one ball made it in the net. She stopped about 5 balls from coming in!!! Everyone was talking about how great she was at goalie. She even had some hard blows running into other players causing her to flip over, fall on her back, fall on her face and one time she was on the ground and was fallen on by a big little boy and I was expecting some tears big time and she totally took it like a trooper. She got right back up and went after the ball again. The games are an hour long and there are only 7 players on our team so she played almost the whole game. What good exercise it was running for almost an hour straight. Then after the game was over she said., "Mommy, I want to play another game". She LOVED IT and she was so proud of herself.
Schuyler was coach and ref and he was laughing and running right along with them. He really enjoyed himself. I am so glad that he decided to coach as I know they both get enjoyment out of it.

Before her 1st practice. (like the shirt) :o)
7:30 AM before the parade and game. Sorry for the poor focus job from here on out.
Introductions before the game
Skyler #7 and a teammate watching the game
Goalie Time, she did so good!!!
Stopping the ball
Kicking towards the goal
Right when I was taking a wipe out! This was just as a boy flipped on and over her! She is the #7 on the ground after getting steamrolled. She got right back up and even recovered the ball. So tough! As for the boy...he wasn't so tough!
Skyler and coach dad!


The Bente Family said...

That has to be one of the cutest things I have ever seen. She is so adorable in her soccer uniform. Looks like she had fun!!!!

Courtney said...

How much fun! Magnolia never had a soccer league when we were growing up, did it? You can tell you're a pro at being a mom...when Skyler wipes out, instead of running onto the field, you take a picture! :) Have a great week!

The Rodee Family said...

How fun! Glad she enjoyed it! Abbey has been talking about soccer, but she's really girly. I'm just not sure if she will really like it. She would rather play with babies inside than ride her bike. ha! You got some great shots!