Friday, June 12, 2009

Did you know???

Did you know that sharing a bag of Apple Jacks while sitting on a picnic table with your sister can melt your momma's heart?
Did you know that getting two little girls and one dog to all look at the camera and smile is not as easy as I once thought. Did you know that it IS possible?
Did you know that hanging your head out a window and letting your ears/hair blow in the wind is not just for dogs?
Did you know that when you let a 6 year old draw a huge "S" with sidewalk chalk on your back patio, she ends up covered in more chalk than the patio? (example on elbow) Did you know that even though she was covered in chalk she can still give a million dollar smile to mommy?
Did you know that this amazing 3 year old is a ham for the camera when she wants to be?
Did you know that little girls make good silverware putter-uppers?
Did you know that laying in the grass playing with a stick makes for a perfect photo-op?
Did you know that I think both my daughters are so stinking pretty and that I have no idea how or when that happen? Did you know that if they keep this up, mommy and daddy are in for big trouble when they are teenagers?
Did you know that sun at your daughter's back makes her glow?
Did you know that trying to use sidwalk chalk on the road is hard and makes for some VERY dirty feet and bottoms?
Did you know that two little sisters who seem to fight so much can love each other more than anything else in this world?


jeanna said...

very sweet post, what great pictures, your girls really are so adorable, but then again look at their mama!