Monday, July 27, 2009

Up's and Down's

This past weekend was full of some major ups and major downs.

We started of the weekend Saturday morning by heading to Lake Livingston with family. We got there early, visited then headed down to the water. We had a nice relaxing cruise around the lake then we anchored near a good size island for some swimming and water play. Shortly after the rest of the family showed up in uncle Donnie's boat and the fun really began. :o) We tubed, we knee-boarded, (I taught many kids to knee board), we had picnics, we played a fun game of "smack an unexpecting family member in the head with the water ball" :o) and had lots of laughs. Unfortunately the sun doesn't stay up forever so we all started heading back to camp.

Not even half way back and doing about 35 mph, Schuyler didn't see it until it was too late...a huge stump! We hit it pretty hard! Schuyler jumped off and felt around under the boat for the out drive (the motor) and could not feel one at all, I noticed what I thought was gas pouring out into the water turned out it was oil, then we noticed water was coming in the boat via the inboard area (inside the back of the boat around the motor). I knew how far we were from the dock so I started to panic a bit.

Just then uncle Donnie was driving by and thanks to Walt's very loud whistle he noticed us waving for help. He started to pull us back to shore and we all noticed the weather was getting bad behind us. Dark clouds and lightning in the distance. All we needed was rain to start dumping water in the boat too. I thought we were going to sink so I pulled out the paddles and wanted to help. {crazy I know} Schuyler took the paddles from me and gave me this "you are acting crazy, so calm to heck down" I tried. About half way there, Walt yells at Donnie (from our boat) waving him around something...Donnie looks ahead of him and swerves...another freaking stump!!! Our boat almost hit it....we barley missed it! Geeeeshh {sigh}

About 1.5 hours later we made it back to the dock (I told you that we were far away) and the storm was on top of us. No rain but a lot of wind and lightning. The wind made it hard to push the boat onto the trailer. As we were trying to load our boat Donnie yells that he is running out of gas and needs us to hurry and get his truck and trailer. In all the panic, my cousin's husband John slipped on the boat ramp and fell pretty hard and I fell between the boat and the boat dock getting semi caught by my other cousin's husband Joel. I wasn't hurt just embarrassed and all wet. :o)

Once we got our boat and Donnie's boat out of the water we inspected the damage. The out drive was still there just barley hanging on and completely broken in many places, and a few gashes on the hull from where the stump hit it. We quickly realized that there was a lot of $$$ in damages. :o( Luckily the insurance company has informed us that it will be covered and we only have a deductible to meet. Thank goodness. {Sigh} We had a great rest of the evening eating and hanging out with the family at the campsite.

Then Sunday was possibly the best day I have had in a long time. We had breakfast at home, took some pictures of the boat for insurance purposes, took showers and headed to The Woodlands for a nice lunch and shopping at the mall. Even the mall trip was relaxing since we were not in any rush or hurry, and yes...Schuyler was at the mall and happy! (crazy I know) :o) On the way home we stopped at Marble Slab for some yummy ice cream and when we got home Madison napped while we watched a movie. Then Schuyler treated us to dinner out. It was a VERY nice, happy, relaxing and peaceful Sunday. Thank you babe!

~~Pictures of Sunday soon to come~~


Anonymous said...

Your email seemed to be full. Tell Skyler I got her 5 points for her fundraiser. I want an IOU from her for 1 big hug.

Uncle Jimmy