Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tumble, Tumble, Tumbling!

Skyler and Madison are both in a Tumbling/Gymnastics class and seem to really enjoy it. Skyler decided to take the fall season of softball off to try this out and still has a lot to learn if she wants to catch up to the other girls in her class. If she sticks with it I have no doubt that she can and will. Madison is still very young and seems to get distracted from time to time but for the most part is doing really well.

The update on Schuyler's grandmother is that she is still not doing as well as we were hoping but is hanging in there. We are praying that grand-dad has the strength to care for her during this time.

Madison has moved to the 4 year old class and is doing a lot better than I was expecting. She is only 3 1/2 and this is more like "pre-school" but she is starting to get the hang of it. She thinks she is a big girl and when you ask her how old she is she says "6 and a half". Not sure why she is aging herself other than to be like her big sister but I think it is sweet.

Skyler has settled into 2nd grade and seems to be doing well. Her teacher is nice but the babying and sweetness was left in 1st grade. They treat them a lot different in 2nd grade and are responsible for so much more stuff including having homework everyday.

Summer is officially over and we are back to the daily grind of life. So for now our lives are filled with school, work, and Tumble, Tumble, Tumbling! :o)