Wednesday, April 21, 2010

baby update after dr. visit

At my last doctor appointment the other day Dr. G. was a little concerned when he heard how low the baby's heart rate was on the hand held Doppler he hooked me up to the fetal monitor to monitor her heart rate for 30-45 minutes. During the tests I noticed that her heart rate would climb to 195-202 when active and drop as low as 106 when resting. After looking at the results Dr. G. said "you want to see good acceleration and deceleration between active and resting and boy does she have that". He didn't seem very concerned but said he might want to keep an eye on that at each appointment from here on out. ( I will be going back the 29th and then every week from there on out)

Me not wanting to freak out or appear freaked out, I just said "ok" and we went on our marry ways. Now that it has been a few days since the appointment and Schuyler and my mom had questions that I didn't have answers to, I am more concerned and wonder why her heart rate would rise and fall so drastically. I placed a call to the nurse this morning in which I fully expected a call back from her saying "Dr. G. says that there is nothing to worry about and everything is fine" since you know how doctors themselves are normally too busy to I am a little more freaked out. While I was away from my office and cell phone Dr. G. himself actually called, he left a message saying, "I heard you called and I wanted to discuss the fetal monitoring from the other day, so call me back, I'll be here until 4:30". After hearing this message I called right back and of course he was in with a patient and the nurse was on the phone so I was forced to leave another message.

Me being an optimist, I am sure things are fine and he just wants to reassure me of that but the mom and woman in be is a little more un-nerved by his message. I am sure I will update this as soon as I hear back.

There is no new news. The dr. never called back and the nurse said she thinks everything is fine. So I am not going to stress or worry about it.