Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear 2003 Shelley,

Dear 2003 Shelley,

It is 2003, you are 24 yrs old, and you are currently spending your days working and taking care of your soon to be one year old daughter, Skyler. Even though life is rough as a single mother, you are enjoying every minute of it and taking such great care of that beautiful little girl. If memory serves me right you are enjoying being on the open market again, going on dates, having a blast with friends, and just enjoying life. I sure wish you would listen to your mother and not get in over your head in that rather nice, rather expensive apartment. As mom can stay at home with mom and Walt a little while longer until you get more on your feet.

Secondly, you will soon meet a guy while out to dinner with friends and you won't pay attention much to this meeting. You will be too busy talking to your friend, your mind will be on your daughter who is to be dropped off to you at that very restaurant shortly, you will be wondering if you are over dressed for that restaurant and you will completely ignore this new guy beside you at the table. PAY ATTENTION! Even though he is a little quiet for your liking and may come across shy, causing him to fade into the background of your busy and event filled life.... PAY ATTENTION! He may be wearing clothes that will appear to be a few years old and a little out dated but....PAY ATTENTION! He very well may be the most amazing man that you have ever met and have a heart of gold. PAY ATTENTION! So my advice to you, my past self - when you meet this man, immediately listen to your friend, e-mail him first thing the following morning and let god take it from there. No matter how hard it may be to believe at that first meeting but PAY ATTENTION to him because if you let him in, he just might actually be your soul mate and love of your life.

Lastly, do something about that bleach blond hair you is starting to look horrendous.  :o)

2010 Shelley