Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Finding You Niche

Its seems that finding you niche in life is not easy as one may think.  From the ripe ole' age of five, I played softball and was always good at it.  I played for many years and got a scholarship  But I guess I never realized that not all kids take to each sport that way. 

You see.....Skyler tried gymnastics as a tiny tot and I thought maybe she was just a bit to young.  Then she tried Softball where she was pretty good but I am not sure it was her niche.  Then after Skyler's begging and pleading we tried gymnastics again and it was more apparent that she was...well....not that good.  So then we tried soccer where she was real good.  But as time went on and her longing for gymnastics crept up again we let her try it one last time.  Trying out a class was a blessing in disguise.  She has finally accepted and agrees that it is most defiantly not her niche.  Some times you just have to let them see it for themselves. So gladly we are putting her back into good ole' soccer where I know she will be happy and do wonderful.  If this season does as well as it has in the past then we will put her in a more aggressive league next season and with all girls where I feel she will excel even more.  We shall see. 

Now Madison may seem to have found her niche, we shall see.  She is still a bit young but at four years old she is starting to show some real talent.  She also tried gymnastics as a tiny tot and even though she could do many of the requirements, her freewill, adventurous spirit got in her way.  So we decided that she was too young and pulled her out.  Then she tried soccer like Skyler and while Skyler excelled in soccer...Madison....not so much.  She doesn't seem to do well in team sports.  You know like when your team mate gets the ball and you throw your self on the ground because you are mad at them for not letting you have it...it is a good sign that you are not good at team sports.   {grin}  We have now tried gymnastics once again now that she is a year older and she did beautifully.  The coaches pulled her to the side and asked her to do cartwheels and such and they were pretty impressed.  They asked us how old she was and if she had ever done gymnastics before.  After being told that she can do skills that most of the older kids can't even do and that if we do decide to put her in gymnastics they recommend her not be placed in the pre-k program but a level 1 or level 2.  She would be the youngest by far....those girls range from 6-9 years old.  We are thinking of trying it....so here goes nothing. 

Only time will tell how the girls do and if soccer and gymnastics becomes their niche but we will support them the best we can and see where all this takes us.