Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Girl's Rooms

Madison has been moved out of her crib and into her new big girl bed giving Skyler a new bed. We have 2 side rails on Madison's "big girl bed" for now and as soon as I feel comfortable that she won't fall out I will take one down. She has been doing pretty good so far. Here are their "big girl room's and beds" Both of the rooms are still works in progress. I really want to paint...especially in Madison's white on white on white room and get them both curtains! I just haven't found the time or the color. So many needs and wants in the new house and no money tree. :o) Will post when done with it.


Anonymous said...

The rooms look great, it was good seeing you the other day and being able to spend some time with Madison. She is such a hoot, I could just kiss her all over. Lisa