Saturday, March 1, 2008

Zoo & T-Ball Parade

This past weekend we took a trip to the zoo. Madison was so excited at one point she turned and looked at me and was smiling and shaking with so much excitement. It was too cute. Madison is starting to get a lot more words out now but one of the cutest things is that she can't say octopus comes out as "applesauce", no matter how hard we try to correct it she still says "applesauce". It is so funny.

Then today was Skyler's T-Ball parade. She is on the Aggies and is doing pretty well. They have had about 5 practices and her first game is Monday. Even though I have not worked with her at all, her coach thinks she may have gotten my softball genes! She will be doing T-Ball and soccer until she decides which one she likes the best then I think we will focus on that sport. But until then she is having fun and learning a lot.


The Bente Family said...

Too cute!! She looks adorable in her t-ball uniform!! I bet that is a blast to watch.

Courtney said...

Your girls look so cute all decked out for softball!