Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My poor mom

Well, over the weekend my mom and dad went fishing and when my mom was tying off the boat to a tree stump in order to fish something went wrong. Her hand got smashed between the boat and the stump, cutting off part of her pinky finger. We are not 100% sure how much was lost since some of the bones were also broken which made it look worse and has not been able to see it since it happen. She is heading to a hand specialist today to see what and how bad it all is. My poor mom...not only is she in a lot of pain but she is also worried/upset about how bad it will look after healed.

Mom...I hope you hear some positive news today at the Doctor, hang in there.

Mom will be having surgery on Thursday. However she is very sad about how bad it will look when it is all over with. She will never have a finger nail again. She is although greatful because it could have been worse, like her whole hand or major fingers or thumb.

***update #2***
Mom's surgery went well. She doesn't seem to be in as much pain as they were telling her she would be in. Also they were able to save part of her nail bed and put a fake finger nail on it so it will look more normal than we all originally thought. She is pretty happy so far. She hasn't been able to look at it but she hopes it looks pretty good.


Courtney said...

Ouch, that makes me cringe just thinking about it. I can't imagine that pain that must have caused. I hope she starts feeling better and am glad that the surgery went well!