Monday, May 5, 2008

Welcome Cargill Babies!

I have a new niece and nephew!!! My sister-n-law Guen went in for a Dr. visit last Friday May 2nd and the Dr. decided to take the babies. They were about 4 weeks early but are doing pretty well. The names were also announced....Brandon Ray and Brianna Eve. They were about 2 minutes apart and Brianna was almost a pound bigger than Brandon. Guen is doing great with very little discomfort. They have been told that Brianna may come home next week but Brandon requires a little more care and will stay in a bit longer. Congratulations Shane and Guen!

Welcome to the world Brandon... family of 3... (for 2 minutes)

2 minutes later Family of 4
Welcome to the world Brianna

Guen holding the babies in the NICU

Sweet little Brandon sleeping

Beautiful Brianna learning to eat


Leslie said...

CONGRADS TO ALL!!! Everyone looks incredibly happy and healthy. Those are a couple of beautiful babies alright! Good job Mom & Dad!! Can't wait to see the whole fam! Thanks for posting the photos for all of us to see, Shell.
Take good care and God bless.
Love to all from all,