Friday, May 9, 2008


Skyler softball team is tied for 1st place and tonight they are playing their last game of the season with the other the team that wins tonight will win the season!!! The girls are very excited. We will see how tonight goes. Cross you fingers for the Aggies. :o)

The funny thing is that Skyler is not very competitive and wants 1st place but would even be happy for the other team if they got it. She talks to the girls on the other team while they are on base and tells them good hit and gives them five. When the other team is batting she will say things like "oh..good try...or good swing". It is so funny. Some of the older and more competitive girls on our team look at her weird but she doesn't know. She is in her own little happy and supportive world. She has been playing pretty good.. she hits off the coach pitch almost every time and even gets some grounders when they are hit to her. Her main challenge is speed, she is pretty slow and there is always the occasional desire of a 5 year old to put their glove down and play in the dirt in the middle of the game. :o) I am very proud of her though.