Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day!

Ohhhhh....it was so nice to have a 3 day weekend!!! We started the weekend off with Skyler having pink eye but antibiotics straightened her out by Sat. evening. We headed to the lake for a camping trip after that with an extra passenger, Skyler's little friend who lives next door. We all had a really good time. We swam, went for boat rides, saw and Elvis impersonator at the RV park, (a little weird) fished, and the girls played & played & played. Oh, and my extremely spontaneous husband bought a boat! An older used boat but a good boat. I guess since he sold all of the 4-wheelers he decided that they needed to be replaced with another toy. I can't help but be a little happy too. I grew up boating and I am sure that me, Schuyler and the girls will love it. Here are a few pics from our mini-vacation and from Skyler's kindergarten graduation today.

My girls on the boat

My hubby and dad on the boat.

Skyler and her friend on the boat

Madison and daddy

Madison and mommy dancing while Elvis sings

The girls watch and listening to Elvis... Elvis had just placed a scarf around Skyler's neck and she was showing it off.

Elvis singing...a little weird huh?

While cooking dinner in the camper I came out to find some of the girls playing "cheerleader" and this was their lift and cheer. It was so funny.

Having fun

Well...I am so happy that Madison's hair is finally starting to grow in but it is growing in curly... and curly hair with a dash of sweat and a lot of boat ridding makes for a major FRO!!! I am trying to embrace the "froness" and thought this would show off the mess that she came back with.

Here is the new boat. (new to us)

Skyler's kindergarten graduating class.

With her certificate.

Skyler with a mouth full of brownie and telling me to wait to take the picture, but I thought it was cute with the cupcakes in the background saying congrats class of 2008. Man... I just realized that Skyler will graduate high school in 2020!!! That sounds crazy and sure makes me feel OLD! WOW.