Monday, June 2, 2008

Our 1st trip in the boat

We took the boat out this weekend and boy was it hot. We had a lot of fun....the kids laughed and giggled the whole time on the tube, which in turn made us laugh too. We all really enjoyed ourselves and Skyler's friend Allyson came with us again. They both play so good together Skyler is so lucky to have such a good friend at this age. We are just a little sad that she will be moving in the next few us a little time to talk her parents into staying. :o)

The girls showing off their new life jackets

A funny picture that I took of all of our new life jackets that I thought was cute. (I know that it is a little weird but I can't help but post it)
Skyler and Allyson on the tube. This is the first time on a tube for either one of them. They were so funny.
Walt on the tube....not to bad for an "old man" :o)

Daddy on the tube catching some air.

Skyler, Allyson and friend Garret on the tube.