Monday, June 30, 2008

The New Playscape!!!

I have been trying to get the girls a playscape (swing set) for about a year. I wanted a nice wooden one that had a fort and all the bells and whistles but I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it. So needless to say it has been hard to find one.....but I found one!!! My mom and I have been searching garage sales, e-bay, and Craig's list and found a few in the right price range but they would either be sold before we were able to look at it or not very nice. Last week I found one on Craig's list 4 hours after it was posted that I was very interested in. I e-mailed the guy and he said that they have 3 couples already lined up to come see it and it will be first to put the money down gets it. It was a real good price probably because he didn't know how much it was worth since they just moved in that house and it came with it. I e-mailed it to Schuyler and he approved of it. So I was a little weary about doing this but it was a chance I was willing to take...I Western Union'd him the money before anyone could go see it and he said SOLD and took it off Craig's list. Yes, I was worried about him running with the money but I had a good feeling about him and had is address, cell number and first and last name. Then after the sale was final and Schuyler said we could go Sunday I told him that it was in DALLAS! He was not totally thrilled about that but knew it was a good one for a good price. So we made the trip to Dallas on Sunday and we were happy with what we found. It is in good shape and looks like the girls will have a great time playing on it. But, it was a little bigger than we had expected (bigger than the trailer) and it was a little bit scary pulling it home. I felt like we needed and over sized load sign on the truck! :o) We made it home in one piece but will not be able to put it together for 2 weeks. We will need some help as the fort is a big one and no way that we can move it to the back yard ourselves. Here are some pictures of the playscape taken at the house that we bought it from.


The Bente Family said...

The girls will enjoy the playscape so much, we have a smaller one for Henry and he loves it!!

Courtney said...

Wow, what a bargain shopper!! Sounds like you got a great deal and the playscape looks great!