Sunday, July 6, 2008

Annual 4th of July trip to Tyler


Our trip to Tyler was so nice and we all had a great time. We went to the zoo, swam, boated, watched some amazing fireworks out on the boat, Schuyler golfed, shot sporting clays and we ate some great food. Schuyler now has a pretty bad bruise on his shoulder from shooting 120 rounds but he enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Uncle Paul and Robyn for letting us stay at your house and treating us to a relaxing weekend. Also, a big thank you to Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Stephanie for having all of us over for dinner Sat night, your house is beautiful. Here are some pictures of the trip.

The girls at home getting ready for the trip....look at that crazy hair on Madison.

A lion at the zoo that looks like he is posing. Madison kept saying "look, a kitty". It was so cute.

Madison holding a bird at the zoo when we were in the bird was like being in a huge bird cage with a million birds flying around your head like bombs. I was a little un-easy but the girls were loving it. Madison wanted to hung the birds and kept saying "gimme a hug" and they would fly off when she tried to hug them. Good thing since she might have squished them.

Skyler holding a bird at the zoo. once she found out that you can hold and feed them that is all she wanted to do. She was so excited when she finally got a spot next to the tree and in this picture you can see a little boy trying to take her bird and right after the picture was taken she looked at him and said "no, I am holding the bird you find your own"! I was a little proud of her for sticking up for herself.
Me and the girls at the zoo with Robyn and Mathew in the background, It was starting to get pretty hot about this time.
Skyler 5, Madison 2 and Mathew 20 months at the end of the zoo trip...we all loved the zoo but we were also ready to leave since it had started to get real hot and the zoo in Tyler has a lot of hills and we were walking/pushing strollers up them the whole day.

Robyn and Mathew at the zoo

Skyler and Uncle Randy after the firework show, it was a god show but a long show as you can tell. For a kid to go to sleep in the middle of it you know it was long. Randy and his wife Ivy are expecting their 1st baby in December and we are all very excited for them. Congratulations you two!!!
The girls swimming in Lake Tyler at Uncle Paul's house. Lake Tyler was soooo much smoother than Lake Conroe, where we have been going since we got the boat.
Madison sitting with daddy on the boat.

Madison 2, Brandon 7, Skyler 5, Lauren 5, Mathew 20 months at Uncle Jimmy's house. The kids played and had a great time chasing one another and the dog in the back yard.

Some cute pictures of Madison that I took. I love black and white some times. They always look like such sweet pictures.

Madison in front of Uncle Paul and Robyn's house looking up from the lake towards the back of the house.

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th! The next big things are to plan and pack for my cruise the end of this month and to plan Skyler's birthday which we have decided will be a slumber party. So, a lot of little girls over night! HELP ME! :o)


The Rodee Family said...

How cool! It looks like a long and fun trip! The kids are adorable.. growing up fast! Glad you had a safe 4th!