Thursday, August 14, 2008

Family Update

Skyler will be 6 this weekend and we are having a sleepover with about 6-7 girls. Keep me in your thoughts as I am sure it will be CRAZY at our house and I am sure that I won't get much sleep. HA! But, it will be fun and Skyler is so excited. In two weeks she will be starting 1st grade! I can't believe it...1st grade??? Where has time gone?

Madison is such a sweet and loving little girl who has finally hit the "terrible two's". She is really pushing the limits and testing all of us but she can turn you into mush when she wants to with her sweetness. We have also taken away the binky and she has been doing pretty well during the day but the nights are a little hard for her.

Schuyler was so wonderful with the girls while I was on my trip. He said he loved it because he got all of the hugs and kisses because he didn't have to share them with me. HA! When I got home he had even washed a few loads of clothes! husband knows how to use the washing machine!??? :o) He is still enjoying his new position at work and is always on his way up.

This week I registered for a course through Rice University to get ready for the exam to get my PHR certification. I am excited to be doing this, as it will really help me in my career. I am also grateful that Schuyler is willing to help me with the house and girls while I "go back to school". He will have to be Mr. Mom one evening a week for 13 weeks. Thank you babe for supporting me in this. I love you!