Monday, August 18, 2008

Skyler's 6th Birthday!!!

Skyler had an eventful 6th birthday...her Grammy took her to Libby Lu's where she got a "make over", daddy and I took her to dinner at Macaroni Grill where she had a cake, we took them to play at Market Street, and she had a sleep over with a total of 7 giggling, screaming, silly little girls! I was prepared for a long night but it wasn't that bad, they were asleep by 11pm. Skyler and the girls had so much fun. Even Madison had a good time...she was right there in the middle of it all playing and laughing.

Playing dress up.
The mummy game
After the mummy game
(Excuse my naked 2 year old who was supposed to be putting on her PJ's)


Courtney said...

Skyler is beautiful, like her mommy! Glad the party went well and no late night phone calls to parents to pick up their child. When I was little, there was always someone at the party who cried in the middle of the night to go home! :)

The Rodee Family said...

now that is a fun party! I love the mummy game.. awesome that you let them just be kids and make a mess too! Skyler is beautiful.. she looks like she had a fabulous birthday party and so fitting for the princess! Happy 6th birthday!!!